Day 2

Feeling Resistance?

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IMPORTANT: To prevent losing your work (just in case you get disconnected from the web), it is suggested you first write this in a word processing program. You can then do a copy/paste into your journal.

Hello again. OK, now having spent some time isolating particular issues to work on, this is where you get the opportunity to tell the story in its full detail. As I said yesterday, I want you to write up the story, in great detail, from the victim’s perspective only. You write it in your journal as if you were telling a sympathetic friend who buys into your story about how badly you were hurt or damaged by what happened.

There’s no limit to how much to write. The program does have a time-out feature, so it is always a good idea to write it first in a word processing program, and then copy and paste it here.

I’ve had people write 40 pages or more. However, at the other end of the scale, don’t just put it down in bare bones fashion. Spend no less than 45 minutes writing. Flesh it out thoroughly, even if you are not a good writer. That doesn’t matter one little bit. You’re doing it for yourself, not anyone else. Give good examples and remind yourself of particular instances. Stir up the memory pot as much as possible.

Yes, I know stirring up memories is going to cause some pain and discomfort, and you may feel like running away from the whole project. But don’t. Simply let yourself feel the feelings as they come up as you write. That’s part of the process, and we want to support you in having the feelings, no matter what they are, even if they are what people would normally call negative feelings. There are no such things as negative feelings. They are just feelings. They are there to be felt, not judged.

So, when you have finished writing, do a mandala. A mandala is nothing more than a round picture. Using the drawing paper and Craypas we put on your list of things to buy, simply use your colors intuitively and fill in the circle. (You can use the paper plate as your template.)

Take no more than a few minutes to do it, and don’t think about it. Just do it. Please remember, it is not about art. It is just another way to allow your subconscious mind and your Spiritual Intelligence to talk to you and a way to integrate the subtle changes in you that you have begun already. It is also one of the best ways to integrate the changes you make each day, which is why we suggest you do one most days. As such it is a crucial part of the program. You will be collecting your mandalas up at the end of the program, so don’t throw them away. You will probably see quite a progression.

Here are some examples of mandalas that previous program participants have done.