Radical Self-Forgiveness – Worksheet

Introducing the Radical Self-Forgiveness Worksheet 

Welcome to the final module of the Self-Forgiveness Program! Everything you have done in the prior modules has been leading up to, and preparing you for, this experience. It is designed to take you through all five stages of the Radical Self-Forgiveness process and has proven extremely popular and life-changing for many people. 

You are welcome to do this worksheet time and time again to keep you free of guilt and shame.

You may also click here to download a paper copy of this worksheet for you to use when you’re away from your computer. 

Let’s Review
We are about to walk through the Five Stages of Radical Forgiveness

  1. Tell the Story
  2. Feel the Feelings
  3. Collapse the Story
  4. Reframe the Story
  5. Integrate

So, if you are ready to begin the Radical Self-Forgiveness Worksheet, please allow yourself between an hour and two hours of totally uninterrupted time, especially if it’s your first time.


What do you want to forgive yourself for? Choose one thing from your list of crimes and misdemeanors or current behaviors and tell that story. You might want to start with “What I am blaming myself for is …..” 

Make a complete admission for what you have done. Make no excuses for yourself at this point and do NOT overlay it with any spiritual or psychological interpretation or reasoning. That will come later. Be as brutally honest as you can be. Don’t hold back. 

Write as much as you wish, there is no space limitation on this section. 

Note: Only you will ever see this. As soon as you have printed this out and cleared the form, the whole virtual worksheet will disappear.