Other People’s Secrets

Other Peoples’ Secrets That We Hold

In the sense that there are secrets that are not connected to anything we ourselves have done, but that we hold because we feel obliged to, we could argue for a separate strand for these kinds of secrets.

Secrets that we hold about things we have seen or witnessed, or what others have shared in confidence, or that we know to be true about other people, which, if it were to be divulged could be damaging, can weigh very heavily upon us.

They are just as toxic as the secrets we hold about ourselves and we need to be released from them. Family secrets come into this category too.

So what do we do? Obviously we cannot just let them all out and let the chips fall where they may. No, that would be out of integrity and we would be adding something else to our list of things to be guilty about.

What we can and should do, however, is choose to let go of any energy that we might be holding on behalf of the people for whom we are holding the secrets. We must recognize that we are not responsible for other people’s lives, and then make a firm decision to never carry guilt on behalf of any other person. It’s not ours, and we are not entitled to it. In fact by holding onto to it, we are robbing the person of their spiritual growth. By that I mean that, energetically, we are interfering in the lesson that they need to learn. By holding a pattern of guilt around them, we are keeping them stuck.

So in the following pages, you will have the opportunity to list a secret that you have been holding for other people. Give it the same kind of rating that you did in the previous exercise, except that instead of rating it in terms of guilt, rate it in terms of the weight it has caused you to be carrying, 1 being no weight at all, 100 being enormously heavy and debilitating. Indicate in the third column if it is still held secret.

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Task: List the Other Person’s Secret here: Enter a description of the secret into the first field. Then, indicate how long you’ve held the secret, whom you are holding it for, and then whether or not you are still keeping the secret; “yes” or “no”. Secret

Releasing Other People’s Secrets – A Healing Meditation:

Your vow of secrecy may or may not still be in force for this secret. But, if it weighs heavily upon you, you will find this special 10 minute meditation will set you free.

Releasing the Burden of Secrecy Meditation

Just describing the secret that you’ve been holding for other people is helpful in itself. And, if you listened to the meditation, I trust you found that helpful.

Something else you might consider doing if the person is still around, is talking to them about that secret and suggesting that he or she too might want to take this program. If they don’t, then simply surrender and let it go. Give it no further thought. It is no longer your problem.