Module 5 – How Awake Are You? Assignment 1


My Awakening Experience

As we have already said, we are quite certain you would not be doing this course if you were not either at the beginning point of the awakening, having just experienced some kind of breakdown in your life, or you’re quite a way into it. It might be interesting, however, to make a stab at estimating how far into the Awakening process that you might actually be at this time in your life.
So, respond to the questions and be honest in your assessment. It is not a matter of being more or less advanced than anyone else. Everyone is where they need to be. Any attachment to being in a particular position is simply Ego.
Bear in mind, too, that though the Soul’s Journey timeline suggests that the Awakening process is a linear process, the reality is likely to be a lot more complicated than that. We imagine it being a spiral process in which you keep going in and out of being awake. You’ll be asked to use a larger piece of paper or even a whiteboard to construct a timeline for yourself, plotting all your ‘stories’ along the timeline that occurred prior to your awakening, as well as those during the awakening, and beyond. Show how the stories prior to the awakening last a lot longer and have a lot more pain and suffering attached to them, while those afterward are short-lived and have very little suffering attached to them because they are quickly reframed.
This assessment requires you to complete the following exercises:
  1. Answer the questions in the Quiz at the end of Module 5 Lesson 2
  2. Answer the questions from the How Awake are You exercise pdf.
The pdf format is below but you will need to answer these questions in the form a report to be uploaded. You can copy the questions into a word document to enable you to answer them, or use an editable pdf format.

My Awakening Experience  (pdf)

then submit your report where shown  by uploading your answers in a file format (pdf or word doc).