Module 11 – Happiness and Radical Living – Activity Report

Module 11 Activity Report

Step 1: Click the Start Quiz/Report button on the bottom of Lesson 3.

Step 2: Type your answer in the field provided.

Step 3: Click Next to go on to the next question.

Step 4: At the bottom of the page of the last question click the button that says, “Finish Quiz/Report.”

Step 5: When the system has completed calculating your score, there will be a button that says, “View Questions.” All of your answers will appear on that page. Click this button to view your answers THEN click the Print button and select the ‘Save as PDF’ option, to get a printout of the questions/answers before leaving the page since they will disappear when you leave this page.

Step 6: Click the green button that says, “Click Here to Continue.”

IMPORTANT Step 7: When you have completed the Quiz/Report, you will be taken back to the first page of this Module. Go to the bottom of the page and click the blue button that says, “Click Here to Indicate You Have Completed this Module.”  This will mark that your unit is complete on the main Course page.

The Questions you will be asked are:

    1. How does it feels for you to be in that zone?
    2. How much of the time were you there?
    3. What are your judgments about that?
    4. What else did you learn about yourself while doing this exercise?
    5. The date you sent your Assessment Report to your mentor?

then submit your report where shown  by uploading your answers in a file format that you saved after following the instructions above ( eg word or pdf)