How Negative Beliefs Show Up

Exercise: Look at Your Life to See What Your Beliefs Are

Another way to discover your core-negative beliefs, or to confirm the ones you think you have, is to infer them according to what turns up in your life. Life will always mirror for you what your beliefs are.

For example:

If you believe you are undeserving, you will never have very much.

If you believe that you can’t trust people, you will get let down a lot, or people will steal from you.

If you believe you deserve to be rich, you will be.

And so on.

This requires quite a bit of “detective” work. But you will find as you study your own life that you will learn about your own subconscious beliefs.

How My Beliefs Are Mirrored In My Life:

List below the top three negative beliefs. With each one, write in the box a description of how this belief continues to show up in your life.

Take all the time that you need to really examine how these three beliefs have always been, and still are, actually showing up in your life. Go back over the years. Look for the patterns and the synchronicities and the opportunities that life has given you to see what your beliefs are and to change them. You might well have some light bulbs go off inside your head.My Negative Beliefs#1

Well done! This was good detective work. Don’t beat yourself up for creating these situations. It’s OK, as we shall find out later. Nevertheless, doing this may well have stirred up a lot of feelings.

Just as in the previous module, we suggest that you give yourself a bit of a break before doing the next module. Be gentle with yourself and maybe sleep on this to allow for the healing dream cycle. See you in Module 4 when you are ready.