Email Sent to Your Mailbox

Home! Yes, here we are at the finish line. What a magnificent process this program turned out to be! You need to congratulate yourself for hanging in there and going through with the whole experience. I think you should acknowledge yourself for having done a tremendous amount of work and to reward yourself in some significant way. A massage perhaps, or some other treat. You truly do deserve it.

In a day or two, we will send you another e-mail just to check in and to suggest what might be next. I hope you will let us know, too, how the program has been for you and what miracles have occurred for you since. We would also welcome your feedback on how we might improve the program.

There are a couple of things still to do to finish it all out. I think you will find both of them highly pleasurable and a good way to end.

One of them is to pull together all your mandalas and display them in the order that you did them in such a way as you can easily see the progression. What I suspect you will see is that the ones you did at the beginning when you were steeped in the pain of your story will look dark and heavy. Then they will seem to have become lighter and lighter as you went through the process.

Look for symbols, too. You might see shapes like tears or spikes in the early ones while the later ones might have tended to have soft shapes, sunshine, etc. I think it would be a very good idea to take photos of these mandalas, so you have a record of your journey. That is exactly what they represent.

The other thing is to do is what we call the positive reflection exercise. Click below to begin this wonderful experience.