Email Already Sent to Your Mailbox

Having said that you have not finished with the reframe yet, I am going to leave it alone for now. I want that to percolate and gestate for a couple more days before I have you write the actual reframe letter.

Today’s assignment should not take long. I want you to invent some kind of ritual or process that has you releasing all those emotions you were experiencing in your body at the beginning of this program about your victim story. Refer to what you wrote in your Journal at Day 3 about what you were feeling having just told the story.

Remember, emotion is composed of a thought attached to a feeling. So to neutralize an emotion all you have to do is release the thought. As soon as you do that the feeling simply dissolves.

One simple ritual based on this idea is to write down each emotion down on a post-it. Then take it in your hand, hold it up high and say,

“I am willing to release the thought that (say their name) abused me, which was attached to this feeling of sadness, NOW!”

To get at what the thought was, refer to Day 8, when you did the centrifuge. It was those interpretations that were the thoughts attached to the feelings. If you have a feeling but you cannot locate the thought attached to it, just say this:

“I am willing to release the thought attached to this feeling, whatever it was, NOW!”

So that your body gets it, make a strong physical gesture, like punching the air with the hand holding the Post-it and shout the word NOW out very loud. Then tear up the Post-it into little pieces or burn it. Do that for as many emotions you were feeling at that time.

Record the emotions you released in your journal and write them up exactly as you had written them on your Post-it and verbalized them.

You’ll love how free you will feel afterward.

Then do at least one mandala.