Email Already Sent to Your Mailbox

I gave you a lot to think about yesterday. Was it new to you or not? I hope it didn’t freak you out. It is not exactly a new idea, but it will seem a little off the wall to some people. I hope you at least found it intriguing.

As you have probably figured out, once you open your mind to stuff like this, anything becomes possible. However, I rather like that space of not really knowing anything for sure. There is no such thing as indisputable truth when it comes to existential matters. I think it is fun to hang out in the question rather than force myself to go by what’s handed down to me from another person or some supposed authority.

That is why I tell you to be skeptical about this whole thing and see for yourself. The proof is in the pudding. It either works or it doesn’t. What else matters?

Here we are at Day 15, still navigating our way to that final piece in the Radical Forgiveness puzzle — the Radical Forgiveness reframe. Yesterday, I went into it in some depth, to expand on the whole idea that our lives are at least partially planned and that things happen for us rather than to us. I thought that I would read you some excerpts from the story that begins my book, Getting to Heaven on a Harley.

It’s a ‘tongue in cheek’ story, albeit with a serious message, about a guy who dies and makes his journey to heaven riding his Harley motorcycle — the same one he crashed when he died. When he gets there, he is met by his Angel of Incarnation, who then takes him through his life review.

There’s no need to take it too seriously — it might only be another piece of nonsense for all I know — but it is worth considering, nevertheless. I suggest you play it over a few times because there’s a lot in there that you might not hear the first time around, much of which will help you with your own reframe when you come to write it.

Go to the next page to listen to the story and/or read the transcript. Enjoy.