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Towards the Reframe: In most ordinary ‘methods’ of forgiveness, what you have done up to now would be about all there would be to it. Having come to some understanding of why the person did what they did and exercised some compassion and understanding, traditional forgiveness would have nothing more to offer, other than to suggest that we make the intellectual choice to forgive.

However, the question remains; how to do it? And, how will I know when I have forgiven? In nearly all methods of traditional forgiveness, the how-to question remains unresolved and largely unaddressed. And, that is what makes it seem so difficult and achievable only by very special people.

However, with Radical Forgiveness there is another stage yet to be taken. It opens up a new possibility and a way forward that removes all the impediments that make forgiveness difficult and tend to stop it from actually occurring. This is the stage that you will be taking soon and for which this unit and the next is intended as specific preparation. It constitutes that fourth stage in the Radical Forgiveness process known as Reframing the Story.

Even when you know and understand the whole idea of a reframe in the abstract, it is possible that when you come to apply it to your own situation it will not seem so easy. You may well find yourself resisting this step.

Please don’t worry, though. You only have to be willing to be open to the possibility that the reframe may be valid for the transformation to occur. That gives people plenty of wiggle room to be a skeptical and total license to adopt a suck-it-and-see approach.

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