Day 9 – Journal

1. Hold the belief in your left hand, which connects it to your right brain, hold it high, and then say this, with feeling:

“I love myself for having had the belief that . . . . . . . . . .and I realize that this belief has served me lovingly in the past. I send love and appreciation now to this belief and the part of my ego that has felt the need to hold onto it. I feel blessed to have had it as part of my consciousness until this moment, and I realize now that I need to hold onto it no longer. I therefore lovingly release it from my consciousness NOW.

2. Now hold the belief in your right hand and say the same thing again, this time connecting with your left brain.

Say it at least three times, changing hands each time, and say the last line with gusto and with plenty of voice. Put some physical energy behind it as well. Then, when you have finished doing it for that one belief, tear that piece of paper up. Then go on to do the next one.

3. In your journal, for each core negative belief to which you have sent love, write up a statement that would affirm the positive. For example, Glenda would now be able to affirm, “I now believe with all my heart that it is safe to get close to and be intimate with a man and to stay in the relationship for as long as I want to.”

When you have written these affirmations, say them out loud at least three times. And then, do a mandala immediately afterward.