Day 21

Hi there,

The positive reflection exercise is not really a meditation, but it is an eyes closed process.  Ideally, you need to be sitting in an upright chair with another chair in front of you. That’s because when we begin the process I will have you imagine them sitting in that chair in front of you and you will be looking into each other’s eyes.  However, if you are sitting in front of your computer and cannot physically do this, you will just have to imagine that situatio

I will ask you to reach out and pretend to take the persons hands and then have you repeat some statements after me.  In between two of the statements, I will have you do one minute of breathwork.  And by that I mean breathing deeply and consciously in a circular fashion, straight in, straight out with an open mouth so you can really get the air in.  Now, don’t worry if it makes you feel a little giddy for a few moments; that’s OK.  I will tell you when the one minute is up.

The last statement I will have you say will be, “The beautiful, wonderful qualities that I see in you now, that you reflect back to me, so they must be in me too, are . . . .” Then you will speak out loud what positive qualities you see in them.  

Try not to think about it. Just speak from your heart.  When you have finished, you’ll simply bring your hands back to your lap and open your eyes.  That will be it.  I hope you find it to be an uplifting experience and a fitting way to end this 21 day program.

So, if you are ready to start let’s begin.  Go ahead and close your eyes.  Imagine them sitting there with you, knee to knee, in a chair opposite you.  Actually reach out now and pretend to take their hands in yours, make eye contact and say after me:

“Even though I may not understand why… I now see that I have co-created this situation with you… so that we both may grow and learn.  I honor the part of you …. that has been willing to play this role…. for my healing… and I see you now as a blessing in my life.  I honor the part of me …. that has been willing to play a role…. for your healing… and I honor myself ….as having been a blessing in your life.” 

Good.  Imagine that you are releasing their hands and bringing yours back to your lap.  Begin conscious breathing now, knowing that all is in divine order.  Continue breathing for one minute.  I will let you know when that minute is up.

After 1 min: Resume your normal breathing pattern now.  And when you feel ready, extend your hands outward again to them and say after me, “I  send unconditional love out to you now….  I unconditionally love and support you…. just the way you are,…. how you have been,…. and the way you will be in the future. … I am grateful for you being my colleague/co-worker and I am glad that I chose you.”

Continuing to hold his or her hands,  say after me, “Name __________, the beautiful, wonderful qualities that I see in you…. that you reflect back to me,…. so they must be in me too, are:….”  Now speak out those qualities.  When you have come to completion, simply open your eyes.

And that’s it, dear one. You have completed the program. Just know that you are truly loved and that you are deserving of that love.

To finish this out, I have one more wonderful song for you by the very talented Karen Taylor-Good. It is titled, Try to Remember.

Goodbye and God Bless you.