Day 20 – Assignment 2

You may recall that in one of the preparation modules, I made what seemed then to be an outrageous statement that you have never made a mistake in your whole life. Well, now perhaps this will have meaning to you. It goes along with the reframe idea. If we are ready to believe that there are no victims, because there is a purpose in everything that happens, then there can be no offenders either. It is all unfolding exactly as it should, and everyone is playing their rightful part.

Cast your mind back to the story in Getting to Heaven on a Harley, where Steve is going through his life review. All the people in his life were there, many of whom had been his enemies on the Earth plane. You will recall that Steve had contracted with them to do those things for him — not TO him, but FOR him. That, in some cases, he had done something ‘bad’ for them in return, returning the compliment, so to speak.

Well, we could say the same thing about what had happened between you and the person who has been the subject of this program. Not only did you choose that particular soul and request that he or she do ‘bad’ things to you, he or she enrolled you to teach him or her something as well, in much the same way. After all, it is likely that he or she has been feeling the same amount of pain as you have over this issue.

Ordinarily that would cause you to feel regret at least, if not a whole lot of guilt. However, now you know that, from a spiritual perspective, he or she wanted that experience for his or her growth just as much as you wanted the experience for yours. So forget about blaming yourself or making yourself wrong about any of it. It was what it was.

By the way, it had to take this long. No time has been wasted. You could not have done the forgiveness any earlier because neither you nor he or she would have been ready for it. The experience demanded that it last until this very moment. It was all in Divine order.

Now, if you are following the script, read this out loud:

“I now realize that my perception of the situation reflected my ignorance of the truth. I now understand that if I were able to see the spiritual big picture, I would see how it all fits and that everything is indeed perfect. I completely forgive myself, _____________________ and accept myself as a loving, generous and creative being. I release all need to hold onto to my story or my guilt about it, and I withdraw my energy from the past ready now to create a new future. I create my life, and I am empowered to be myself again, to unconditionally love and support myself just the way I am, in all my power and magnificence. I now SURRENDER to the Higher Power I think of as _______________ and trust in the knowledge that this situation will continue to unfold perfectly…. and in accordance with Divine guidance and spiritual law. “

There; doesn’t that feel good? That is such a powerful statement.

I suggest you finish out this unit again by doing another mandala.