Day 19

The first thing I want to say to you is to expect miracles. I say that because miracles happen all the time after people do the Radical Forgiveness process. I expect your relationship with the person you worked on to improve dramatically, assuming he or she is still in your life. And, the chances are that all your relationships will change for the better, too. Let me explain why.

Rupert Sheldrake, an English biologist, came up with the concept of a morphogenetic field to describe what happens between the individuals of any bonded group. A morphogenetic field is an energy field that contains all the people who make up that particular group. In the case of a typical nuclear family, the morphogenetic field would include just the two parents and their children. For an extended family, it would include parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, co-workers, and so on.

What is important about this idea is that everyone within that field is energetically connected, such that if one person’s energy undergoes a significant shift, everyone else in the field is changed by it, too. Obviously the connection between members of the field will vary significantly. So, naturally you would expect the energetic exchange between individuals to be strongest where the connection is the greatest, as for instance between parent and child and between life partners.

This being the case I would expect all the people involved peripherally with you, to be strongly affected by the energetic shift you’ve created within yourself and within the morphogenetic field to which you all belong.

No one involved will have any awareness of this, of course. Any changes in behavior on their part will be totally unconscious. He or she is unlikely to even notice the change. You will, though because you will be looking out for the subtle changes that typically occur, assuming that he or she does not put up a lot of subconscious resistance to the shift. This does sometimes happen, so don’t be attached to any change happening or blame yourself if it does not occur.

The most dramatic and enduring change will be in how you feel inside and how your life improves. Having released all that energy you had invested in your story and brought it into present time, you now have more energy to put into making your life more successful and more enjoyable.

Almost certainly your personal relationships will improve.

So, go ahead and open your journal to record how you are feeling now and be ready to note any changes that occur from this point on, both in yourself and the person you worked on.

I also suggest you do another mandala.