Crimes and Misdemeanors

We all can probably think of MANY things about which we feel guilty. We can carry our guilt for years without knowing how to clear it or what to do with it. We might even feel that we deserve our guilt and pain as a sort of punishment. In this module we will be looking at EVERYTHING we regret so we can bring it to light for healing and releasing. Later, in the final module of this program you will choose the crime or misdemeanor you think is the most serious, or feel the most guilty about, and transform it using the Self-Forgiveness Worksheet tutorial.

An Exhaustive List
Our objective is to list ALL the things about which you feel guilty or angry with yourself for doing, from the least significant to the most significant. Spend some time on this list. Go back over the years and try to think of at least one thing you did in every year – anything that created guilt or self-recrimination. Even if you now feel little or no emotion about something, include it on the list anyway. Don’t analyze or be selective. Even it wasn’t your fault – if you blame yourself at all – include it on the list.

As you list each event and give it a rating on a scale of 1-100, to indicate how much guilt or self-recrimination you felt about it at the time.

“1” is no guilt at all, “100” means that your feel consumed by guilt; paralyzed by it and unable to get it off your mind.

Secret Or Not?
Obviously, when we have done something wrong, we naturally try to keep it a secret. We imagine that we might feel less guilty if no one else knows about it. Actually, that is not true. Secrecy tends to magnify the crime in your own mind and increases the guilt. Secrets, like lies, are inherently toxic. Though we are not advocating that you do them, confessions can be extremely liberating and cleansing experiences. So, just for your own benefit, indicate whether the “crime” remains a secret or not in column 3. If it is still a secret, you might wonder what proportion of the amount of guilt you put in column 2, is due to the fact that it remains a secret to this day.

What To Do When Feelings Come Up
Notice, I didn’t say “if” feelings come. It is almost certain that they will. As you begin making your list, you will be stirring things up quite a bit, so you can expect to feel emotional as feelings of anger, sadness, or grief come up. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit “yucky” even or have some tears. This means that you are moving some energy – and that’s healthy. Allow them be there in the knowledge that you truly need to feel the feelings as part of the journey (the second of the five stages) and that they will be transformed by the end of the program.

Tools To Help You With Emotions
As we mentioned in the Instructions, we offer some tools that will assist you in dealing with strong emotions.

Breathwork Technique: This is a special breathing technique that you will find extremely helpful. It can be accessed by clicking on the “breathwork” link on the menu..

Releasing Secrets: If you find that you have secrets, that are toxic to you, we advise that you do the bonus supplemental Releasing Secrets Program.

Personal Coaching: At any time during the program, you can reach out to our Radical Living Coaches for support. The cost of this service is not included in this program.

What To Do if the Feelings Are Absolutely Overwhelming
In the extremely unlikely event that the emotions become so overwhelming that you feel you cannot cope, you must reach out for professional support from a mental health professional. By that I mean a psychotherapist or a licensed counselor. Contact one you already know or you are welcome to scan our list of certified Radical Living Coaches to see which ones are also psychotherapists.

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