Core Negative Beliefs

Task: Discovering Your Core Negative Beliefs

Check the box of every one of these beliefs you think might apply to you. Don’t be surprised or dismayed if a great many of them do. Most of us have a lot of them – at least to some degree. You will have an opportunity later to rate them and to discover which ones are most likely to be controlling your life.

Give each one you check a rating on a scale of 10-100, to indicate how much negative influence it has on how you feel about yourself. 10 is very little influence, while 90-100 would be very considerable influence – enough to make you really hate yourself.

Well done! Your negative beliefs are shown on the next page.

We realize that coming up with this list may not have been easy. It may well have stirred up a lot of feelings. We suggest that you give yourself a bit of a break before doing the next module. It might seem easy to actually do this work, but believe me, a lot is happening within you as you do it, so be kind to yourself and don’t do too much in one sitting. Maybe do two, and then perhaps you should sleep on it – give yourself 24 hours. As you sleep on it, much healing will take place during your dream cycle, and that will be very beneficial.