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Welcome to Part Two of the program. This is Day One and here you are with twenty more yet to go. Yea! You really do deserve to be congratulated for making the decision to break free from the past by forgiving other people. You’ve been carrying that emotional baggage around for far too long. 

What a gift you are giving yourself! By the end of the program, you will be feeling so different you will hardly recognize yourself. 

If you are feeling a little nervous, or even in a state of panic about doing this program, don’t worry. It is not unusual, even for people who have done a lot of this kind of work. Change of this kind is a threat to the subconscious mind, so it does tend to panic a bit. But in a way, it’s a good sign. It means the change has already begun.

Nevertheless, this may be another moment to consider whether you might need a coach to help you work through the program, especially if all this is very new to you. Click here if you wish to locate and talk to a coach. 

At the very least, as suggested in the instructions, you might want to have someone you can call on to be a ‘buddy’ for you. By that I mean someone who will help you stay on track, keep you motivated and be there for you to witness and validate your story. 

On Days Five and Seven you may well need to have someone present to support you in doing some anger work. This might be a little cathartic, especially if you haven’t done it before. That may or may not be the same person as your buddy, but it needs to be someone who is comfortable with emotions being expressed and can hold the space safe for you. You might want to line that person up now, while you have a few days between now and then. To be safe, you might need him or her for Day Six as well. An hour each day should be long enough to do your process.

The 21 units are broken down into three parts and roughly follows the Five Stages of Radical Forgiveness as described in that module, which I am assuming you have watched. The first seven days of this part of the program are about telling the story and feeling the feelings, the second seven days are about collapsing the story and the last seven days are about constructing the reframe.

So, for at least the next seven days you are going to be immersed in the “pain and agony” of what somebody did to you and how you were victimized. This is the part of the program during which you will probably feel the most discomfort so it is likely to be the most difficult. But please do hang in there with it and be sure to push through any fear and resistance you have in doing the program. Use your buddy to keep you on track.

You might remember, too, that the fifth stage was integrating the reframe into the physical body. We do that in a number of ways in this program. In one unit we use breathwork, in some we use music. We also have you use your voice a lot and do some physical things that integrate the new story into the physical body. 

But the one that we use most frequently throughout the program is not only effective, it is enjoyable. At the end of many of the units we suggest that you do a mandala, which is basically a circle that you color in. It is not about being artistic or making something that looks nice. It is simply something that you do spontaneously and without thinking. It’s just another way for the subconscious mind to communicate with you and to integrate what you have just done, but at a deeper level. We suggest that you date it, put your name and the Unit number on it and give it a title.

On most days you will have a task to do. Sometimes it will be given to you directly in the daily e-mail that you will receive, or, as in this case, it will be found on a page that you will link to for more information and the instructions. Where this is the case, it will be provided as both a text file and audio file.
Remember that your second unit will not arrive until 24 hours after you opted in to start the units in the Preprogram Jitters module. As an example, if you opted in at 8:00 pm, your units will always become available after 8:00 pm. Also, remember that email often gets lost, blocked, or just hangs out there in cyberspace, so if you don”t get your email, just log into your program and you will find a copy of that days email on the first page of each unit.
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Good luck and many blessings,