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You are making excellent progress collapsing the story. You’ve seen how we enlarge it and leverage the pain into suffering by making all sorts of interpretations about it, to which we then become attached to varying degrees.

[Note: Pain and suffering are different. Pain is simply the pain of what happened. Suffering comes from the thoughts (interpretations) that we apply to what happened.]

However, there’s another dimension to this. It was not so much your story of what happened that carried the energy forward but the beliefs you formed at the time, mostly out of the interpretations. You will find many such beliefs embedded in your interpretations.

Beliefs carry an enormous amount of energy and have many votes when it comes to deciding what counts as your reality. They also carry a tremendous amount of creative energy. By that, I mean that they actually create your reality. Your life is always a reflection of your beliefs and they create and recreate the patterns in our lives, over and over again.

Beliefs are extremely resilient and have a built in need to be proven right no matter what. They are like little internal gyroscopes that are always guiding us to go in a certain direction consistent with those beliefs.

So the task today is to see if you can identify what beliefs you formed as a result of the wound itself and the story you made up about it.