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Here you are, almost a third of the way through the program! I hope by now that you have found a bit of a rhythm in doing it and are beginning to enjoy the process. It is going to become more enjoyable as we go on, so I think you’ll be able to relax into it more.

However, we are at a very crucial moment right now, having just completed Stage 1 of the Radical Forgiveness Process — telling the story and feeling the feelings. It is at this stage that most of the yucky feelings get stirred up, and that can leave you feeling not so good, and sometimes even downright horrible.

For this reason, it would be a dangerous thing to abandon the program at this point or even to continue it only halfheartedly. It would mean you are leaving yourself stuck in that yukky emotional state for a long time to come, and that would not be good.

All those feelings need to be transformed, and we are a long way off from completing that process, so please be patient and stay with the program, for your own sake. Moving on to today’s assignment, there are two parts to it. The first is to do a timeline, to see how the situation you found yourself in is perhaps part of a repeating pattern. The second is to trick your subconscious mind into allowing the change by giving some reasons why you want to forgive this person.

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