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How was yesterday? I hope you are not feeling too sore in your body after all that exercise? And no blisters, I hope?

The worst is over, I think it is fair to say. Writing the first letter and doing the cushion work is the part that is the scariest, but you did it! Well done!

What I want you to do today is simply to look back at what happened yesterday and to write up a review of it in your journal. For most people, doing cushion work is a new experience. It’s not something they are used to doing or seeing others do it. So, I think journaling the experience will be more than helpful. Here are a few questions that might help you get started.

  • In general, how was it for you?
  • Were you scared at first?
  • Did you have someone with you?
  • Did you feel much resistance?
  • Did you feel yourself holding back?
  • Did you go into automatic — like as if the racket was moving on its own?
  • Did you find a level of comfort with it eventually?
  • Was it freeing and empowering?
  • What feelings came up for you before, during, and after?
  • Did you feel that you got it all out about what this person did to you?
  • Were you forceful enough in you proclamation about the future?
  • Would you like to do some more cushion work today?

If you think that there is still more energy to release about what this person did to you, it may well be a good idea to do some more cushion work. You will soon be coming to the end of the telling of the story/feeling the feelings phase of the program. So, please check in with yourself to make sure that you have said out loud all that you have needed to say and that you are complete with the confront.

If not, bash the cushions some more. Do it is as many times as you wish until you feel you have gotten all the energy out of your body. And, again, if you have not been forceful enough in your proclamation, or something came up last night that you want to add to it, then go ahead and pound that in, too. Your body needs to hear it.

Finally, when you feel complete with this, do a Mandala.

Again, very well done.