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I hope it all went well yesterday and that writing your story wasn’t too distressing for you. I’m sure it brought up a lot of stuff for you and a lot of feelings. If it did, that is good. The power is in your feelings. You cannot heal what you don’t feel. On the other hand, if you did not feel much, that is OK too. It was whatever it was.

Today’s assignment is an invitation to go inside and be introspective. Assuming that you haven’t done it already as a voluntary exercise, I want you to journal the experience of yesterday. Recall how you felt as you were writing and what was going on in your body both before, during, and after doing the writing and the mandala.

I hope that you will be able to find the space where you’ll be able to be quiet and introspective without being disturbed.

To help you make a start on this, I have tabled a few questions for you that might promote some thought. Continue to the next page now to review the questions then open your journal and begin writing.