Radical Forgiveness Coach Training – Module 8 Quiz


After completing each test you can click on Quiz Summary. If it shows that you have failed to reach a pass rate of 80% you will need to restart the quiz and have another go at it. The system will not let you go on to the next module until you have reached the required 80% pass rate.


Step 1: Click on the first square. It will become highlighted to show you are ready to begin answering the questions.

Step 2: Attempt to answer the first question.

>If you are not sure of the answer and want a little extra help before committing, press the Hint button.

>If you think you would like to come back once you have finished the quiz, to review the question once having found the correct answer, click the Review Question button. It will flag that question by turning yellow as a reminder.

> If you are not able to answer the question, even after clicking the Hint button, you can opt to skip it entirely by clicking on the Skip Question button.

Step 3: Click Next to go on to the next question. (The number of questions to be answered will show at the top of the page.)

Step 4: When you have answered all of the questions, click on Quiz-Summary. It will show which questions were completed and those that you skipped, if any. It will also show those you would like to review at this point.

Step 5: Click on Finish Quiz. Your score will be calculated automatically.

> If it is less than 80% click on the Restart Button to repeat the quiz. (To see all the questions and how you answered them click on the View Questions button.)

Step 6: Hit the Print button to get a printout of the questions before leaving the page since they may well disappear at that point.

IMPORTANT Step 7: When you have completed the Quiz, you will be taken back to the first page of this Module. Go to the bottom of the page and click the blue button that says, “Click Here to Indicate You Have Completed this Module.”  This will mark that your unit is complete on the main Course page.

Now Let’s Get Started

Coach Training Module 8 Quiz