Defining My Purpose Worksheet

The meaning that abundance and wealth will have for you, and the ways in which it will add value to your life is to a large extent governed by the meaning you give your own life. This is obviously different for every person, though even for you it is also likely to change according to current circumstances and what stage of life you are at. What is important to you and a priority in your twenties is almost certainly going to be different to when you are in your sixties.
So, what is your purpose? Is your life guided by a sense of purpose or mission, or have you more or less just floated through life up to now? Do you have a dream to fulfill? A mission, perhaps? Or not? Are you currently fulfilled in your work or life? What’s missing? Did you give up a dream to accommodate someone else’s needs or demands? Did you trade a dream for safety, conformity, love, money, status or power? Are you searching for a purpose?
Before you attempt to answer these questions, let’s put this in perspective and be quite clear about one thing. Just being who you authentically are is your primary purpose. Everything else is secondary. That said, however, our human journey may well involve other specific intentions of a spiritual nature that we have agreed to take on, either before incarnating or to be gathered during our lifetime.
These are definitely secondary to the primary one of just being human, but they can give our lives added meaning in human terms. They are usually oriented towards serving others in some profound and meaningful way and can involve the sharing of one’s particular gifts and talents. Many people feel that they haven’t really connected with their purpose in any real sense and so they feel unfulfilled. This worksheet will help you touch into the part of yourself that others experience as a valuable contribution to their lives.