Covenent Acknowlegment Form

Fill in the form to acknowledge being totally committed to my growth and happiness, do hereby make a loving agreement with myself to devote time and energy to letting go of all the reasons I may have for being overweight and to supporting my body in reaching its ideal, natural weight and shape. Through using the technology provided for me in this Radical Weight Loss program, I will do whatever it takes to support myself in releasing excess weight by committing to devote myself for a period of no less than six months, to the following:

  • Doing the investigative preparatory work as set out in this program in a serious and honest manner.
  • Making a habit of regularly using the Radical Weight Loss tools so that I gradually shed both pounds and inches until I reach my natural ideal weight and shape.
  • Making a forgiveness list, and by using the Radical Forgiveness tools, including the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, forgiving everyone that I believe is, or was, implicated in any way in my gaining and holding excess weight.
  • Working on forgiving myself, clearing my shadow and accepting myself unconditionally, using the Radical Forgiveness technology.
  • Keeping a daily “Journal,” noting any changes, challenges, intentions and successes.

I affirm that I love myself enough to do this and I am willing to let love for myself and others expand in my heart so that, by the end of the six-month period, I am living in the joy vibration, empowered to be my true self.  At the same time, I release any attachment to my having lost any significant amount of weight by the end of the six-month program, even though I will have been committed to — and benefited from — doing the work, and promise myself that I will not allow myself to judge or think of myself as a failure, knowing that my soul has decided I am perfect just the way I am.