Satori Radical Forgiveness Ceremony Online Training

Satori Radical Forgiveness Ceremony Online Training


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YOU Can Be a ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Ceremony Leader by taking this ONLINE Training.

Until a few ago, this incredibly healing ceremony was simply part of the training program that Radical Forgiveness Coaches/Practitioners took in order to become certified to lead it. They have done a great job getting it out there.

However, in order to get this out to many more people around the world than it has already I have created this ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Ceremony ONLINE Training to provide all the resources anyone would need to be able to lead the entire 3 hour ceremony without any further training. This has made it possible for anyone with a desire to lead a ceremony to do so.

Within 7-days of having completed your first ceremony we ask that you send in the report and pass a short quiz to be listed on our website as a CERTIFIED 'SATORI' RADICAL FORGIVENESS CEREMONY LEADER.

And all it will cost you is $197.

Training Resources

This 36 page manual gives you all the information you need to know to carry out the role of the ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Ceremony Leader, plus the scripts of the audio of the three parts of the ceremony, and the scripts of the Introductory video and the back-end wrap.

This is the video recording of a ceremony we did in Houston some years ago. [You also have the audios of each part of the ceremony] I have left the long lecture introduction off the video since you won't have to do this - I do for you on the PowerPoint video. But you will see all the parts done, including the back-end lecture.

These audio tracks are provided, as the would-be leader of the 'Satori' Radical Forgiveness Ceremony, to listen to as often as you like, simply in order to get the feel for how the ceremony is done - though some are for you to listen to over and over until they are more or less fixed in your mind.

The Core Scripts
These core scripts are the ones to listen to repeatedly and do your best to memorize. They cover
(a) the first circle,
(b) the middle section huddle,
(c) the second circle and final huddle and
(d) the back-end lecture.
I recorded these myself in my studio just for this purpose so they will seem a little bland and without much personality, but you'll get that more from the recording of the ceremony we did in Houston.

I have found the best way to fix a talk in my mind is to play it over and over until I can almost say the words before I hear them. It's a mindless way to study yet when you find yourself speaking to a group, the words just come tumbling out of your mouth - not exactly the same, of course, but in your own manner. You will also find a written script in your manual.

It would be a good idea to listen a few times and then make some cue cards, such as 5″ X 3″ cards that you can have in your hand as you lead the ceremony. No one is going to have a problem with you having them to refer to. It just means you are being thorough.

An Actual Ceremony
We are providing the audio track of the ceremony we did in Houston - the one you have on the video. We didn't even know we were being recorded at the time, but the recording has come in handy for training purposes since then. I have split the audio into three sections.

a) The Introductory Lecture (Audio #2)
The first one is of the introductory lecture I gave prior to the ceremony. It's rather long and certainly nothing you need to learn in order to carry out the ceremony leadership role. That's because I have provided you with a short video to play for the people at the beginning of the event that is more than sufficient as an introduction to the ceremony. I have simply included this lecture for your interest.

2. The Ceremony Parts (Audio #3)
The second one is where JoAnn and I are setting up and doing the ceremony, so this one will add some 'atmosphere,' personality and 'texture' to the script I recorded 'cold' in the studio. I think you will find this one very helpful. For instance, it will show you how the questions are put - for example, how much gravitas we give them in the first circle compared to how we lighten up in the second circle. You may want to listen to this several times over to compare with the studio script. The tracks are as follows:
1. JoAnn's Introduction
2. Demonstration of the Healing Circle
3. Establishing Sacred Space
4. First Circle
5. Huddle #1
6. Setup for 2nd Circle
7. Second Circle
8. Huddle #2 and Wrap
9. The Radical Forgiveness Invocation
10. The Back End Lecture

3. The Back-end Explanation (Audio #4)
In this one, I have extracted the piece that forms a good left-brain explanation of how the Radical Forgiveness Process works, especially in the context of the 'Satori' Radical Forgiveness Ceremony. I find it good to do at the end because it grounds the people and leaves them with some way to put their experience into some rational framework. This piece is also at the end of the other recording but I thought it might be helpful to have it separated as well. I strongly suggest you listen to this over and over and practice delivering it with the diagram because this is how you will finish the session. Watch the video as well to see how I do the diagram.