Getting to Heaven on a Harley

Getting to Heaven on a Harley


A Radical Karma Workbook


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This book starts out with a story about a guy named Steve Parker who crashes his Harley motorcycle and dies in the first paragraph. In a witty conversational style, Colin then chronicles the adventures Steve has with Joe, another discarnate soul he befriends soon after he dies, before they go together to the light.

When they do finally go, they find themselves speeding up the tunnel of light on a Harley, only to be met by Harley, his Angel of Incarnation who then takes Steve through his life review. This, of course, reveals how all the principles of Radical Forgiveness had been working in Steve's life right until and including his death. He also gets to meet all the souls who had assisted him on his soul's journey. As a story it is both touching and funny. But it is also a teaching about Radical Forgiveness, albeit from a very different and unusual angle.

Part Two constitutes an opportunity for you to imagine yourself, were you to die in this moment, going through your own life review from that same Radical Forgiveness perspective. This will give you a great deal of insight into your own life and how it has unfolded perfectly according to your own Divine Plan up to now.

Part Three provides the opportunity to plan your future having awakened to the truth of who you are. It helps you plan "what's next." This is why we have called it a "Radical Karma Workbook." It will help you put the principles of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation into practice in your every day life.

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