Your World View

As you become willing or open to accepting the assumptions of Radical Forgiveness and those of Radical Grieving, it is possible that your worldview will begin to shift. It’s not that you will be exchanging one paradigm, for another but that you become aware of living in two realities at the same time.

You may recall that one of the Radical Forgiveness assumptions was that one paradigm represents the human reality, while the other one relates to spiritual reality. While it starts to become clear that the human one is not as real as you thought, you realize nevertheless that it is exactly what you came here to experience; and for that, you begin to feel a sense of gratitude.

You also realize that each reality has its own set of laws that must be respected and followed. Since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we must acknowledge and follow human law—or pay the consequences if we don’t—irrespective of our knowledge that the laws which govern spiritual reality are more universal and much closer to the actual truth.

While we operate in both realities at the same time, we have to be sure not to confuse the two. How we frame life in these terms constitutes our worldview.

In all of my online Radical Forgiveness programs, I ask people to look at six statements and evaluate which one or two most closely approximates their worldview. How they score each one is a good indication of how they frame their lives, especially with regard to how their spiritual beliefs and ideas about forgiveness and death fit in the frame. I include them here for you to do the same thing.

Score the world views on a scale of 1-100, with the one which, at this time, is closest to your spiritual belief system being the highest, then down to the next closest. At least two of them are likely to be zero or thereabouts. It just helps you to know where you stand in all this.