Where Am I Now?

This assignment is designed to help you establish which of the five stages you might see yourself being most of the time be at this point in your life and in the grieving process. 

If the death was very recent, you may well still be in Stage One, the Denial Stage, or at Stage 2 and 3 where the feeling of shock has given way to anger, sorrow, depression and other emotions that have arisen in response to the death. To be in Stage 3, the Bargaining Stage, means you have begun the process of coming to terms with the death and are able to find a silver lining in it somewhere. [This is the stage you are most likely to be in now since it is the one this program is designed to move you through, the goal being to get you to Stage 5 which is Acceptance.]

So, go ahead and indicate how long you were, or still are, in each one of the stages bearing in mind you are likely to bounce backwards and forwards from one to another for a period of time after the death, and to be in more than one at any one time. Which stage do you feel you are in at this time, predominantly? Describe how you feel at this moment.

Again, be sure to fill in all the fields and cover yourself by writing first in a word processor and then cutting and pasting it in.