What’s Next

You have  just completed a major piece of transformational work that has set you up for a major shift in your life. You will never be the same again.  You can’t go back to the old paradigm — not really.  Keep using the worksheets and the 13 Steps regularly and often to keep your energy clear. 
But don’t stop here. There’s more you can do to raise your vibration even more and you owe it to yourself to maintain it at a high level. 

Here’s a few things to consider for the future.

1. Attend the Miracles Workshop
You need to do this workshop if you have a deeply rooted issue to heal or if you have an ongoing issue with someone that is stopping you from moving forward. It is an intensive healing experience and is limited to 12 people in the group because everyone gets to work with me one-on-one. It is an amazing experience that will change your life.

2. Take the Online Programs:  They are all $297.
    a)  Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Programs
    b)  21-Day Program for Forgiving Your Parents. Partners & More
    c)  Radical Manifestation Program
    d)  Radical Grieving Program
    e)  Radical Weight Loss Program
     f)  Radical Money Program

3. Hire a Radical Forgiveness Coach
Sometimes you need a bit of help from someone who knows Radical Forgiveness and can help you work through an issue. Go to the website, www.radicalforgiveness.com, click on “Find a Coach” under the Training tab. Also, look in the Events Tab to see if there are any events in your area.

4. Become certified to teach Radical Forgiveness to others as a:
    a) Certified Radical Living Coach
    b) Certified Radical Living Master Coach and Workshop Leader
    c) Certified Book-Study Leader and Gamemaster
    d) Certified Etheric Body and Chakra Detox Practitioner

For all this and more, go to www.radicalforgiveness.com or click the links above.