What to Do After the Program

Congratulations on having completed the program. I hope that you are feeling more peaceful already and that life without the person you lost is looking a lot better than it was before. Bear in mind too, that having forced you to go through the program in sequence, for reasons we explained at the beginning, you are now free to go back over any part of it again as you wish, and as many times as you wish since you now have this program forever.

In order to really anchor what you have achieved by doing this program, there are some specific things we highly recommend that you do both immediately afterwards and from time to time whenever the sorrow comes up for you.

First, listen to the 13-Steps to Radical Grieving again as often as you can until you genuinely feel peace in your heart about losing the person. Don’t be tempted to suppress the feelings if sorrow comes up. Be willing to feel it and be OK with it, and then listen to the 13 Steps again to come to peace.

You must be patient with yourself. Grieving is a long process, but using these tools will make it a lot easier.

Second, start doing additional Radical Forgiveness Worksheets on the people you feel contributed to the death, and/or listen to the 13-Steps to Radical Forgiveness. Do this until you have come to a place of peace with all the people that you blamed. If you blame yourself, download a Radical Self-Forgiveness worksheet from our website, and do a few of those until you can release the need to blame yourself. If you are absolutely unable to forgive yourself, you might consider doing the Radical Self-Forgiveness Online Program, or hiring yourself one of our Radical Forgiveness coaches to help you push through it. Links for the worksheets and the coaches are at the bottom of this page.

And if you are so inclined, you can always initiate a conversation with the deceased either through a medium or simply by being in a dark room, lighting a white tapered candle and with your attention on the flame, speaking to him or her. After you have said all you need to say, snuff the candle out with your finger and thumb and then wait patiently for a response. If you get really quite you may get some sort of a message, even if it is just a feeling of the person presence. It may not happen immediately and perhaps never. But, it will have help you a great deal to express your feelings to him or her.

Finally, I am sure you know others who are suffering in the pain of loss just as you were, and really do with some help. Be careful, though, about sharing this program with them. You need to feel them out and get a feeling if they might be open to this way of looking at things. If you feel they might. You might then say, this program helped you, and then leave it to them to make the decision to purchase it or not.

Please do not share bits and pieces of the program with them, since that would take away from experiencing it in sequence, like you did. They have to take responsibility for their own healing. You cannot do it for them. So tell them to go to the web site and explore it for themselves and then offer to share your own experience of what it did for you.

Well, that’s it. Good luck, and may you continue to be blessed.