Module 6 – Lesson 5: The 10-Week Class on Radical Forgiveness

Module 6: Teaching the Method

Video Five: The 10-Week Class on Radical Forgiveness

Muss Hernandez, our senior coach in Lima, Peru put this 10-week class together a couple of years ago, and it’s proven to be an absolute winner. Not only do the people who attend the class love it and find it life-changing, they actually sell it for you by telling all their friends about it once they’ve experienced it. That means that once you get it going, it multiplies exponentially with little or no marketing. It builds and builds organically.

Muss very kindly has written it up in detail, week by week, for us all to use, so all the heavy lifting is done for you really. Just do it like she tells you, and it will be a success. She and Colin trained many coaches in Lima, and many of them are now doing the 10-week class very successfully. That means it is not just because Muss is doing it, or that she is more gifted than anyone else, and that no one else can do it. Not in the least.

With the template she has given you, there is no doubt that you can offer a 10-week course immediately and begin building your business. You’ve already run a book-study group so you should have found a level of comfort in that role by now, so there’s no reason to delay. In fact, we give it as an assignment to begin setting a 10-week class now, so that you will have completed it by the end of this course.

Your first one is likely to start small at first. Muss had just 3 people in her first class, but she gave it her all nevertheless. She now takes 25 people in a class and has a waiting list. She finds it quite easy to have three classes running concurrently. Some people like to do it in an afternoon session, while others do it in the evening, and others at the weekend, so it’s easy to spread the load that way. And, it is only a 3-hour time commitment for each group each week, so it’s not difficult to sustain. Business-wise, it’s a no-brainer.

Let’s say you charge $450 at the beginning for the entire course. You will up your price properly as demand grows, but we’ll do the math right now with $450.

If 5 people sign up, you make $2,250 — and that’s for 3 hours work per week; with a total of 30 hours @$75 an hour.
If 10 people sign up, you make $4,500 — 3 hours per week; total 30 hours. @$150 an hour. That’s what you will earn with 10 people.
If 20 people sign up, you make $9,000 — for the same time commitment of 3 hours a week. Total 30 hours and now you are doing it @ $300 an hour.

Compare that to doing 3 one hour sessions per week @ say, $75 per hour = $225.

10 weeks, doing 3 sessions per week = $2,250. And, that’s assuming you actually get enough clients to give you those 30 sessions in a 10-week time frame. Not impossible, but doubtful when you’re first starting out.

And, that $2,250 is it, whereas with a course, for same time commitment you make more money by having  more people in the class. And, that’s called leveraging your time.

Bear in mind too, that your client acquisition cost for that number of private sessions will be a lot higher than enrolling 5 people for one 10-week class. Also, it is likely that quite a number of those who do your class will want some private sessions as well, so it is, without doubt, the best strategy to use in building your practice and making good money.

The way to get people to attend your class is by doing some local advertising perhaps, creating a Facebook Business page, using Facebook Live, and other social media. You may only get a few people at first, but you do the course anyway no matter what. Once you’ve done the first one, the word gets out, and it builds very quickly.

If you are not in a very populated area and you feel you might not get many people, you can run virtual classes using Skype or Zoom. However, our experience is that it’s sometimes easier to create a reputation for something in a less populated area than in a big city, so don’t use this as an excuse. You may find being a big fish in a small pond is a big advantage.

In the next video, we’ll go over the outline of the 10-week class, as Muss has written it. Our advice is to do it exactly how she has designed it. It is a model that works so don’t mess with it. When you’ve done few then you might get creative with it and make your own, but not yet.

So, good luck with it.