Video 4

Module 15. Marketing Matters
Video Four: Attracting Clients

Welcome to Video #4 in Module 15 which is entitled Marketing Matters. And in this video, we address what is really the core element of what we mean by the term magnetic marketing. It reveals the secret of how to attract clients and build a large reservoir of potential clients who will eventually buy from us.

The secret of magnetic marketing is that instead of using male energy in our marketing, which tends to be all about pushing the energy by hustling, networking, cold calling, advertising, and aggressive selling, it uses feminine energy which does very little of that and simply attracts clients. You don’t sell any more.

That’s male energy — Yang energy. The new method uses feminine energy — Yin energy. Feminine energy is magnetic and it’s where the power is now.

Magnetic marketing follows the natural law that energy will always flow to the Yin polarity. It attracts. The idea of magnetic marketing is that you have the aura that is predominantly Yin, you will automatically attract clients to you.

So, let’s look at how we might develop a YIN oriented aura. Which, by the way, is much the same as having a consciousness and spiritual world view as that of a luminary which we have, all along here in this course, sought to encourage in all our Radical Living Master Coaches. What we would look for in people who have
a Yin aura that would automatically attract clients might include the following:

1. Having a genuine liking for people and love of life.
2. Having an open heart and a quiet mind.
3. Being willing to accept what is, as is, and seeing the perfection in it all.
4. Having trust in the universe and an attitude of non-attachment.
5. Having an attitude of non-judgement, compassion, and humility.
6. Having belief and confidence in the value of the service that you provide.
7. By having a clear vision for your life and the same for your business.
8. Being driven by a desire to help others, to be of service, and give value.
9. Being committed to over delivering to your client.
10. Having a well-established worldview that is communicable to your client.
11. Having a clear understanding of your clients’ needs and problems.

All this is most powerful, of course, when you’re interacting face-to-face with someone, but it will also come through in your writings, your website, on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media that you might use as well. No question about it.

And the kind of client you’re likely to attract will sense it as well. What will come through is your love. Your humility. Your integrity. Your commitment to helping others and your passion for doing what you do, that being the purpose of your life. On the other hand, if they get the slightest whiff of ego, they’ll be gone.

People buy from people they like and trust. That’s why magnetic marketing is not about selling at all. It’s about building relationships. People have to trust you.

By the way, you do need to think of what you do as a business. Any business should make money if it gives real value to people. Turn it the other way around, if it gives value, it will make money because it will attract clients willing and able to pay you for your services. That is, as long as you have a money consciousness that allows you to accept it. And you may have to work on that.

When people think about marketing their healing businesses, most people commit the big mistake of setting out an inventory of their skills and knowledge and the products or services that come from those. They then set up a business trying to sell what they’re good at to other people. It feels natural, and it seems like the obvious thing to do.

Let’s take as an example what a qualified massage therapist might put on their website if they were to follow this approach.
“Welcome to My Website! (Well, that’s a waste of ‘above the fold’ real estate for a start, but let’s not go there.) My name is Jane Doe. I’m a certified massage therapist. I give great massages at a fair price. To feel rejuvenated afterward, book an appointment today.”
Then she proceeds to give a lot of very specific information about herself, listing all her qualifications or experiences in education, the letters she might have after her name, the various types of massages she is able to do. Then she indicates what she can do for people in general terms, tells them the cost, and basically, that’s it. If she’s desperate, she might even offer a free session as bait. If they take it she doesn’t have a client — she has a taker. It’s unlikely she’ll ever see them again.

What she’s done is made it all about selling herself and her services. It is, after all, what she is good at and trained to do. It seems natural to want to share it. But it’s all Yang energy.

Don’t fall into that trap. Your business will fail miserably if you take this approach. At best, it will limp along making you very little money. If you look at people’s websites who are in the healing business, you’ll find a lot of web pages that are exactly like that. They are nothing more than jazzed up resumes. You’ll be lucky if a
visitor to that site stays more than a few seconds before clicking out.
With this approach, it is not about you or your product at all. It’s all about the client and their problem.

When you project your Yin aura out to people and let them know, first, that you really do understand their problem, and second, that you may well have a solution to that problem, you will get their attention.

That’s the first step in attracting a client. Once you have their attention, then you give them a lot more information, not about you, but about their problem and the possible solutions. At no point in this process do you sell anything, or even go into details about the solutions. You simply educate the client about their problem.
You let them know that you really understand them and how the problem affects their lives. You’re empathizing with them, making them feel they are understood and validated. By giving them a lot of free and valuable information about the nature of the problem and the solutions that you may be able to offer them, they begin
to trust you. They begin to see you as an authority — someone who knows and understands the nature of their suffering and they suspect that you may have a way to reduce it.

So, it’s all about developing a relationship with potential clients. Once you have their attention and they begin to feel that they can trust you, they might at that point make contact with you, basically to ask specific questions and to check you out. You answer their questions first, of course, most of which are veiled objections
anyway, so it’s good to get them out of the way as soon as possible so they can relax and feel even more comfortable with you. Then you can suggest the solution to their problem, pointing out the benefits of Radical Forgiveness and how it might solve their problem or at the very least reduce their suffering.

Once you’ve got them excited about the prospect of having found a solution to their problem, they will, at that point commit to having a session with you, attend one or your workshops, or sign up for your next 10-week course. Doing it this way you don’t have to close them. They close themselves. They’re in!

By this time, you should have a clear idea of the problem the person has and whether you are the right person to work with them. If not, you would refer them on. You would also have a pretty good idea how Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Empowerment or Radical Manifestation would fully address and solve their problem?
In the next module, we’ll look at what kind of free stuff we might offer as part of our education based marketing?

We’ll see you then.