Video 4

Module #9. Radical Manifestation

Video Four: The Tipping Method Radical Manifestation Worksheet
Ok, so let’s go through the Radical Manifestation Worksheet together.

As you will notice at the very top of the worksheet, we say what we always say when giving instructions about worksheets. And, that is that it’s imperative that you read everything out aloud, including what you write as well as that which is already on the worksheet. I don’t have to again say why it’s necessary. You already know.

But, it is worth saying that with this worksheet we’re seeking to shift your energy so that you create an opening for this new ‘thing’ to come into your life. And, using your voice magnifies and super-charges that energy.

OK, so I’ve already said a lot about how to approach what you put into Box #1, but the fact is you wouldn’t be doing this worksheet if you didn’t have something in mind to bring forth from the implicate order, that being David Bohm’s term for ‘the field of infinite possibility,’ which is how Deepak Chopra speaks of it.

And, in line with what I’ve said already, I trust that it is something that is tangible, concrete, and outside of yourself such that you will be able to recognize it when it shows up.

On the top line in Box #1, you just put the name or basic description for what you want to manifest. A Car. A House. A Mate. 30 or More Participants for Your Event, and so on. Then, on the next few lines give precise details of what it is you want. And, think hard about this. Make sure you have everything covered. Use more paper if necessary. For example, if it is a mate that you want to
manifest, be careful to make a list of everything you would want in a mate, as well as getting clear what you would not want — though do try to state the positive quality that would automatically preclude the negative one. You don’t want to state in writing what you don’t want because the Universe might not hear the negative qualifier.

Being specific is important. I often tell a story about a woman who was very specific about the details she asked for in a new husband. However, once she had the husband, she realized she had forgotten to add that he needed to be someone who loved her deeply. So, don’t forget the details and make sure you always put, “This or Better.”
If it’s clients you want, make sure you specify the kind of clients you want, etc. If it’s a vacation, dream big and make it really good. If it’s money, be precise about the exact amount you need and be sure to state what is to be used for. But, be careful with this, though. It’s always best to ask for what you want rather than ask for the amount of money with which to buy it. What you want can come to you in many ways other than you having to buy it. Only ask for money if it is precisely what you need for some reason, such as to clear a debt or something like that, and even then, use the Money Consciousness Worksheet at the same time as the Radical Manifestation worksheet.
You’ll see that at the bottom of the Box, it says, I see that I am attracting it to me now by . . . (Give a time frame.)

The Universe does not respond to relative terms, like “soon or whenever.” Give a date certain. If you do not manifest whatever is the subject of the worksheet by that date, set a new date. Perhaps the Universe has just decided that that date isn’t right. The other thing about this is to say it in present tense. I know it is going
to be grammatically incorrect, but it must be that I see it coming to me by a certain date — now. So, you have to do it like that rather than talk about it coming in the future because the Universe does not understand future.

#2. The genuine feelings that drive this need are: (And it asks you to be honest, authentic, and non- judgmental.)

It really is important to try to get in touch with the feelings associated with not having what it is you are wanting to manifest. So, read what it says in Chapter 9 on Relative Deprivation. And, then choose among those examples that I have given you the ones that really are driving you to want to manifest what it is that you
want to manifest.

#3. I love myself for feeling this lack and acknowledge that as a human being I am entitled to my feelings, no matter what they are.
Well, as always, we stress that whatever your feelings are you don’t make them wrong. You just notice them and accept them as they are.
#4. The reason(s) I am wanting to attract/create this ‘thing’ is/are . . . Then, you write down why you want these things in your life. Actually, this is quite important. The Universe seems inclined to grant what we request when we give it a reason. So, give it some thought about what the payoff is for you and others once you have what you want. One way to analyze this is to ask yourself whether
it is purely for self-gratification, self-improvement, or for the benefit of others primarily. But again, don’t judge. There’s nothing wrong with whatever you see is the case.

So, make a judgment as to how much of it is — in percentage terms — is self-gratification, how much in percentage terms is self-improvement and therefore transformational for you, and then how much percentage wise it’s transpersonal as in benefitting others besides yourself.

It is approximately: ____ % Self Gratification ____ % Self Improvement (i.e. transformational for me) ____ % Transpersonal (as in benefitting others besides myself)

#5. I now realize that I am already transforming the situation of lack by having stated what I want and why I want it and then trusting my Spiritual Intelligence to bring it into my experience.

So, it’s at this point we are at least beginning the process of giving it over to our Spiritual Intelligence. And, this will get strengthened still further down the worksheet.

This next step, however, is where we bring all our senses to bear in imagining it being in our presence already and we magnify the sensations as much as we possibly can.

#6. As I close my eyes and imagine having this ‘thing’ I am using all my imaginal senses in a much expanded and exaggerated way to have the full sensation of experiencing it being in my presence
now. In my imagination . . .
What I see is . . . And, you give as good a description — a visual description — of how you see this thing things as you can, making it an exaggerated image, as large as you can make it, with all the colors and everything else that you possibly can put in this picture. And, then . . .

What I hear is . . . Use your imagination to imagine what sounds go with this and how it would sound, and how beautiful it would sound to you if this were right there, right now.

And then, What I smell is . . . Lots of things, especially when they’re new, have a beautiful smell to them, like the leather in a new car for instance. That always smells so good. Lots of things smell good, so try to bring that into your imagining as much as possible. The sense of smell, by the way, is a very important sense even though, when compared to other species we’re not very great at smelling things. But, we are very much affected by the sense of smell, so see if you can evoke that as much as you possibly can in your imagining of having this thing right there in front of you in your presence.
What I taste is . . . And, the same thing with taste. If there is any way that you can evoke the taste of something — maybe this is something to do with food or something else that has a taste to it. So, bring that
in when you can.

What I feel (touch) is . . . And, the touch sense (your feelings). So, what I feel is . . . And, as I say, it is related to touch — the texture, the shininess, the smoothness, the warmth, the coldness, whatever it is, bring that into your imagination, too.

And, give voice to these sensations and build a ‘huge’ picture in your mind. Exaggerate everything as much as you can. Try to increase the intensity of the sensate experience and get some emotion into it, too. Write about how it really feels to already have what you want.
#7. As I have it now in my imagination as if it were in my presence at this very moment, I strongly feel — flooding through my body — the emotions of . . . e.g. excitement, gratitude, joyfulness,
happiness, whatever it is. (But, if you don’t feel it yet, fake-it-‘til-you-make-it.)

The research seems to show that this is the most important part of the process, at least insofar as it concerns the steps that use the conscious mind. The more emotion that you can bring up as you do the visualization the better it is. And, giving voice to it is even more empowering.

#8. I pay no attention to any limiting thoughts that may be residing in my subconscious mind that might have in the past prevented me from having this ‘thing’ because I know my ‘real’ self is not
limited in any way whatsoever.

So, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge that you have had subconscious beliefs that might have limited you in
the past, but that you are not going to let them get in the way this time.

#9. Judging my performance in the past, some of the negative beliefs might have been — and you can check off which ones seem applicable to you.

And, then affirm in a very loud voice I now reject them all — totally!
In any case, I am now bypassing that part of my mind completely and am using my Spiritual Intelligence to activate the Law of Attraction.

Well, this is the Spiritual Intelligence Bypass we’ve mentioned before, and it really is the pivot point in the process, where we let go of our need to control the situation any longer using our conscious mind and begin to give it over to Spirit.

From here, all the way to #13, it gets a little challenging. Are you willing to, for instance, to surrender and simply allow your Spiritual Intelligence to create whatever is for your highest good? Even if you don’t totally trust the Universe just yet, fake it!

#10. I now realize and acknowledge that my limited imagination may not be seeing the real meaning of my intention and that the outcome I am seeing may not be what my Spiritual Intelligence and the Universe have in mind for me.

#11. I now, therefore, declare my total trust of the Universe to give me what is for the highest good for all concerned, and I redirect the energy of certainty that I have generated so far towards feeling love and gratitude for the Spirit that is within me and within all things.

#12. I completely surrender to Spirit now and drop all attachment to having what I asked for show up in any particular way, knowing that it is done and I shall recognize the perfection of it when I see it.
And, finally, #13. I feel myself totally reconnected with my Source and know that I am in the midst of pure abundance. I am open to receive that abundance continually.

You then sign it and date it, and you shout out loud, IT IS DONE!
OK. That’s it. Did you fill it out for yourself? If you did, watch out for the results. Once you’ve coached a client for the first time in filling in Box #1, I think you will find it very self-explanatory
as to how to go through this worksheet anytime someone wants to manifest something.

Other than that, we have the Quick worksheet, and that’s provided in the Resources Section. And, that’s definitely self-explanatory especially after you have done this one. It shouldn’t be a problem at all.