Video 4


Module #4. Spiritual Perspectives

Video Four: Spiritual Intelligence in Action

Without Spiritual Intelligence, there would be no Radical Forgiveness, no Radical Self-Empowerment, no Radical Transformation and no Radical Manifestation. All four depend on the notion that all human beings have access to Spiritual Intelligence.

Without it, we would have only traditional forgiveness as the means of letting go of the pain of what happened to us, and we know that has little or no lasting effect. It is restricted to mental and emotional intelligence only, both of which are specific to individuals, as we have seen. Spiritual Intelligence, on the other hand, is a collective phenomenon which anyone can tune into and use. It requires no specific knowledge or skill, only the willingness to use some simple tools with which to access it.

As we saw in the previous video, Spiritual Intelligence is the least understood of the three, and in many ways, it is regarded as utterly mysterious and beyond our ability to explain it. The best we can do is infer that it exists and has effects in the world, like when having done a worksheet we see immediate and unexplainable changes come about as a result.

By the way, I should mention to you that you will find a book out there written by a friend of mine whose name is Cindy Wigglesworth called Spiritual Intelligence. However, she defines Spiritual Intelligence very differently than I do. She consults with business, so she grounds it in very humanistic terms more or less as a skill or
a series of attributes to be learned in the same way as you learn to use emotional intelligence. I mention this only to alert you that it is out there and you may be confronted with it at some time or another. It’s perfectly valid in her terms, but it is not as we define Spiritual Intelligence in Radical Forgiveness.

All four of the strategies use the three forms of intelligence to a greater or lesser degree, but by far the most important one for all four of the strategies is Spiritual Intelligence. So yes, it takes some mental intelligence to fill in the worksheet, but belief is not required, so it demands very little real mental power. It uses quite a
bit of emotional intelligence in that one is asked to connect into one’s feelings as part of the process, but that’s about it. The rest is handled automatically by our Spiritual Intelligence once it is triggered by using the worksheet or audio equivalent. The magic happens without any effort beyond that required to fill in a few
boxes on the worksheet. Even after seeing it work for hundreds if not thousands of people over a period of 20+ years, I still find it absolutely amazing.

What we have learned, however, it that it doesn’t work if you try to do it in your head. What happens then is that mental intelligence kicks in and negates everything. You must use the tools to get the results you want.

Now, it will be difficult to convince a client that they will get results simply by doing a simple worksheet, even if done with your guidance and support. But they’ll believe it when they see and feel what a difference it makes.

So, for each of the four strategies, we have paper worksheets and online interactive worksheets as well as audio versions of them. We have named the method by which we activate our Spiritual Intelligence using the tools appropriate to each strategy, as the Tipping Method.

So now, let’s briefly review once more the four strategies. They provide the keys to achieving peace, happiness, good health, and abundance. Not only do they help us awaken to the spiritual truth of who we are but are absolutely essential in helping us to stay awake. The strategies also contain the keys to healing our own human lives and the world around us through the use of the spiritual wisdom that each strategy contains.

Strategy #1. Radical Forgiveness
So, let’s look at Strategy #1 very briefly because we have given a lot of time to this, which is Radical Forgiveness. And, since this is the primary strategy in the Tipping Method repertoire, from which all the others spring, we invested the majority of time and effort in Part One going over Radical Forgiveness and the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. This was the right choice I believe since it represents the core element of Radical Living. It is also the case that teaching and coaching Radical Forgiveness will account for the vast majority of your time and will be the core of your business, so it was good for you to get thoroughly grounded in that strategy.

Strategy #2. Radical Self-Empowerment
We also spent time on this strategy in Part One, this being for people who are ultra-critical of themselves, feel unworthy to receive, or undeserving of anything really good, and have low self-esteem who are, to all intents and purposes, totally disempowered. If you get someone like this as a coaching client, your role as a Radical Living Coach will be to introduce them to the following tools that will help them reclaim their power:

1. The Combination Radical Self-Empowerment Worksheet
2. The Online Interactive Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Worksheet
3. The 13-Steps Audio Process
4. The Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance Online Program
This strategy provides the opportunity for people to really discover who they are and to get a deep understanding of what, for them, constitutes that thing we call the self – in all its many disguises. It helps people come to a place of love and acceptance for themselves just the way they are, in the knowledge and comfort that their perfection lies in their imperfection.

Strategy #3: Radical Transformation
Nothing challenges our willingness to entertain the possibility that there is Divine perfection in absolutely everything more than when we watch the news on TV and see a whole string of terrible things occurring out there in the world. Because our perception of spiritual reality is so limited, we just cannot fathom how it can be purposeful in any spiritual sense for such things to happen. It’s simply beyond our comprehension, given our level of conscious awareness at this time. So, we might easily find ourselves rejecting the whole idea of
there being a Divine plan and a reason for everything.
But we will look more at this strategy in Module #7.

Strategy #4. Radical Manifestation
This is the Radical Living strategy that you give your client for them to create their future and, through the Law of Attraction, bringing into their experience what they want.

More about Radical Manifestation when we get to Module #9.
In the meanwhile, we’ll go next to Module #5 which is about becoming awake.

See you then.