Video 3

Module #7. Radical Transformation
Video Three: 2012 and All That

I mentioned in the first video that this strategy and the tools that come with it might turn out to be the most important one for us to have practiced for some time in order to be ready for something big happening in the world. It could well be the moment when the Great Awakening occurs, and we begin to make that shift in consciousness from the old paradigm to the new. That is, from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, from a fear- based existence to one based on love, peace, and oneness, and so on.

Many people feel this shift to be imminent. It has been foretold for centuries that it would occur somewhere around 2012, the date that the Mayan calendar came to an end and that there would be major disruption around that time as all the institutions and systems related to the old paradigm would begin to disintegrate and die in order to make way for the new.

Well, that date came and went, and nothing of a cataclysmic nature happened as predicted. However, you could say that the breakdown began around that time and that we are in the early stages of the transition.

Who knows.
The best known of the seers of the past whose predictions have proven to be extremely accurate is Nostradamus. In 1503, he foresaw many global events that have already come true and even now continue to unfold as he foretold. He predicted a major breakdown of the old-world order around this time in history.
He’s taken seriously because he not only foretold of both world wars but actually named Hitler and described the swastika. He foretold of the discovery of penicillin, AIDS, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He foretold that the people would elect the ‘village idiot’ as the leader of the most powerful nation in the early part of the second millennium and foresaw cataclysmic change on a global scale at around the same time, including massive earth changes and violent political upheaval.

He also spoke of a “King of Terror That Will Come from the Skies.” Academics are still trying to decide whether this refers to 911, or whether it refers to something worse yet to come.

The Hopi Indians have been extremely accurate in their predictions and have offered humans many a window into the future. They spoke of Three Great Shakings that would occur at the end of the millennium and the beginning of the next. Scholars have interpreted this to be the First and Second World Wars, with another yet to come.

Edgar Cayce made a number of very precise predictions including the stock market crash of 1929 and the Second World War. Many of his predictions for the new millennium concerned political upheaval
on a global scale and ‘earth changes’ that would be cataclysmic in nature and would occur in two phases.

The first phase would involve death and destruction on a massive scale and would last for some years. The second phase is described as being a sustained period of peace, harmony, and tranquility such
as humans have never before experienced.

All this is analogous to the concept of a healing crisis, which is when an organism in overcoming a sickness experiences a dramatic worsening of the situation just prior to making a dramatic shift in the direction of healing.

Just how bad things get during that first phase and how long it is likely to last is a function of the mass consciousness at the time. The masses may offer so much resistance to the awakening and stay so
stuck in the three-dimension view of reality, that the shift will likely play out according to the worst of all the predictions.

If this idea has legs, then it seems the human race has arrived at a point of choice whether to have the kind of future that involves massive dislocation, pain, and death OR one that offers peace, LOVE, and tranquility. The choice is to awaken and be present in the Heaven on Earth scenario or perish in the process of resisting it.
But this is where the Radical Transformation strategy comes in. The more people there are maintaining a vibration of around 350 to 400 when all this comes to pass, the less cataclysmic the process will be and the sooner we will be through it.

Our job then, as lightworkers and luminaries, is not wait for the breakdown to occur, but to hold the vision now of perfection no matter what is happening out there in the world, as well as what is going on within and to bring others along with us. That way, when and if the big one happens, we are prepared.

The good thing is that over the last 30 to 40 years — since the Harmonic Convergence perhaps — awareness among the population has expanded considerably and it appears to be accelerating. Many of us have already broken free of a consciousness bounded by 5-sensory, 3-dimensional interpretation of reality. And, we have become ‘multi-sensory’ and aware of non-physical reality. We have found ways, such as meditation, prayer, and Radical Forgiveness to tap into what the quantum physicists call the Unified Field of
Consciousness, which I believe is, in fact, the World of Spirit.

This IS the process of awakening; the gradual process of becoming conscious. The very fact that you’re reading this and have got this far in the course is testimony to the fact that YOU are becoming more and more conscious.

However, time is of the essence now. The process needs to be accelerated even more. At this time, there is an insufficient number of conscious people on the planet to create the critical mass necessary to break us free from the old paradigm. The prevailing mass consciousness, with its focus on materiality and its addiction
to the victim archetype, continues to hurtle us in the direction of economic disaster, self-annihilation, and planetary destruction through global warming.

This means that we who are conscious and ready to take the lead in awakening humanity must come together in sufficient numbers to create a powerful singularity of intention to raise the mass vibration so that the mass Awakening can occur.

Referencing the work of Gregg Braden, the story suggests that the Awakening can indeed take place without us having to go through a series of cataclysmic events. If that is our choice, we must begin to align with each other NOW to make that the reality.

In his book, The Isaiah Effect, he cites a mathematician who has calculated that it would take no more than 880,000 people vibrating consistently at 400 on the Hawkins Scale to bring about world peace immediately.

For this to happen, we must appeal to people of every religion, race, creed, and nationality in the world with a simple, universal vision of peace and a straightforward plan of action that transcends all current disagreement and grievances so that we will literally create ‘Heaven on Earth.’

We have the technologies to make it happen if we choose to use them. I firmly believe that the best technology out there is Radical Forgiveness. As far as I’m aware it is the only one that provides actual tools to help us make it through the transitional phase.

It is vitally important that we do our own personal work as well and help others do the same by teaching them Radical Forgiveness. No one who is not willing to release personal grievances and emotional
holdings from the past will be able to contribute to the raising of the consciousness of the planet, no matter how good their intention.
Just making the commitment to work on ourselves will make an enormous contribution to mass awakening. At the same time, we can turn our attention to raising the consciousness of the planet as
well. Remember what David Hawkins says about someone who vibrates at 350 to 400 lifting up 200,000 people who vibrate at less than 200. So, you have the power to make a difference just by doing your own work.

When and if things get really challenging, using the Radical Transformation Worksheet will help us apply the Strategy of Radical Forgiveness to whatever is happening out there that looks to be anything but perfect; catastrophic even. That’s the tool that will help us maintain a high vibration when everyone else is losing theirs, and enable us to stay awake enough to be able to hear our guidance as to where to go to be safe and of most use to Spirit during that time.
We will also have the Emerge-n-See 4-Step Process to Radical Forgiveness in our minds and on our lips to use at any moment we feel fear arising in us.

And now, we’ll look at that amazing tool in the next video.