Video 3

Module #9. Radical Manifestation

Video Three: The Radical Manifestation Worksheets
OK, so, the Radical Manifestation worksheet is the instrument by which we consciously activate the Law of Attraction.

We are attracting stuff all the time, of course, but mostly without any awareness or conscious intention. Everything that has ever happened to us ‘out-there’ is what we have attracted to ourselves through the Law of Attraction. This is what we mean when we say there are no accidents. What shows up in our lives is a
direct reflection of what is in our consciousness. For example, if you’re always thinking people will steal from you, that’s exactly what will happen.

With Radical Manifestation, we use the worksheet to consciously activate the Law of Attraction by applying focused awareness and conscious intention on what we want to manifest. Doing the worksheet also enables us to intensify the energy by involving all our senses thereby magnifying the emotional component which,
as we shall see, is important.

It would be very difficult to do the manifestation process without the worksheet for the same reasons it’s necessary to use the Radical Forgiveness worksheet when doing the forgiveness work. That is that doing the work without a worksheet allows the mind to get in the way. You want your Spiritual Intelligence to do the
work, not your intellect.

The Radical Manifestation Worksheet follows the 6-Steps to Radical Manifestation as outlined in detail in Chapter 9 of the book. Read and study that chapter.

However, since writing that book, we’ve discovered that the greatest difficulty people have with the Radical Manifestation worksheet concerns the very first step. So, I want to deal with that now, even before we start going through the worksheet, step-by-step in the next video.

And, by the way, if you haven’t already downloaded the worksheet, please do so now, because I want you to fill it in as we go through it together. So, be thinking what you might want to manifest, but listen to this bit first, though.

In Box #1, you are asked to write in what it is you want to manifest through the Law of Attraction. It then gives further instruction that it has to be something that is concrete, tangible, and such that you will recognize it when it shows up. In other words, it has to be something that is of material form and clearly substantial,
capable of being perceived as real and palpable.

Here’s the problem, though. Even though this is a clear instruction, we have found that it’s typical for about 50% of the people to put in Box #1 a goal. A goal is simply an idea about something to be achieved. It is not a ‘thing,’ or a manifest object. It’s a target that you have set for yourself that requires a specific set of actions to achieve. (For example, I want to finish my thesis by December 31st.)

That is a goal, and it requires you to do the work to make it happen.
If, on the other hand, you put in Box #1, “I want to manifest 20 clients by the end of the month,” that is a legitimate manifestation statement because you’re invoking the Law of Attraction to bring those clients to you. And, clients are real things.
Goal setting is a very different activity to Radical Manifestation, and the two should not be confused. Goal setting is having an intention to DO something or ACHIEVE something. It uses male energy (YANG). A goal is time specific and action oriented.
Radical Manifestation, on the other hand, is a process of attracting something into your life that is concrete and tangible. It uses female energy (YIN energy). It’s not about doing anything. Spirit does what is necessary to bring these things into existence for you. All you do is ask for it to come to you, knowing that the Universe is a place of total abundance and that Spirit is happy to shower abundance onto you in whatever form you want it to show up, just so long as you ask.
Another error people make with this worksheet is that they put in something that is abstract and clearly not in the least concrete or tangible. You cannot manifest more time, for example. I often hear people say, “I want to create more time to be with my family.” You can’t manifest states of being, like peace. For example, I
hear people say, “I want to create more peace in my life.” You can’t do that.

What you can do, though, is manifest things that will support you in finding more time or more peace such as a person who will come into your life to relieve you of the things that take up your time, or to help you change your life so you will feel more peaceful. But you can’t manifest time, peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, etc.
They are just concepts.

Another difficulty people have is deciding what they actually want. This represents an opportunity to take your client to a deeper level of coaching by helping them really examine their values, their purpose, and their goals. You might recall what we said previously about the actual philosophy of Radical Living:

“Radical Living is not a strategy in and of itself. It’s more about how we live our lives and how we habitually use the four strategies to stay awake and create the life we want . . . Radical Living requires we decide WHAT to manifest, WHY we would want it, what to DO with it when it shows up, and to what purpose. It’s about identifying our life purpose, our goals, and our values.”

Taking your client through an examination of the above questions gives you the opportunity to take the discussion to a very deep level and change your client’s life in a very positive way.

Now let me say a word or two about money and weight loss.
We could spend many hours on these topics. Quoting from the book about money, “Money evokes at least as many irrational emotional responses as do sharks and snakes — and with no less intensity. In the same way, as we hate snakes and fear sharks, most of us relate to money with the same (though well disguised) kind of dread. We think we love it, but the exact opposite is the case. It universally evokes fear. Subconsciously, we avoid it to the same degree as we do the most poisonous of snakes and the most aggressive of sharks.”

Obviously, there is a great deal of opportunity to coach people around money, no matter whether they’re rich or poor. Even though there is a great section on money in the book (which is Part 4), and we have a great online Radical Money Program available, we’re not including it in this program, other than to mention
how the Money Consciousness Worksheet needs to be used in conjunction with the Radical Manifestation Worksheet.
It’s the same thing with weight loss. It’s dealt with in Part 5 of the book, but we have no space to include it in this program and do it justice. If this is an issue for you personally and you think you might want to help others with it from a Radical Forgiveness perspective, we have a superb online Weight Loss Program available that you might want to take a look at. It’s not for those who just want to lose a few pounds, though.

That’s usually a goal setting issue anyway not a manifestation thing. No, this is for those who carry a lot of weight for emotional reasons and is there for good reason. The tagline for that program is, “The Only Thing You Have to Give Up in this Program are the Stories that Caused the Weight Gain in the First Place.”

OK, so, in the next video let’s go through the worksheet together. I hope you have something in mind to put in Box #1.