Video 3


Module #4. Spiritual Perspectives

Video Three: Spiritual Intelligence
In Part One, we showed there to be three kinds of intelligence: mental, emotional, and spiritual. Mental Intelligence is the intelligence of the brain or the mind. Emotional Intelligence is the intelligence of the heart, and Spiritual Intelligence is the intelligence of the soul with direct connection to the World of Spirit or Universal

We described Spiritual Intelligence as being the most subtle of the three and operates below our level of awareness. It knows the truth of who we are, and it connects us to the world of Spirit and Universal Intelligence (which we call God). Our body is the antennae for our Spiritual Intelligence. Our Spiritual Intelligence guides
us on our spiritual journey, always moving us in the direction of growth and healing. It is our internal spiritual compass. It keeps us on track with our Divine Plan.

It finds its outer expression in our everyday lives as religious or spiritual practice, the search for meaning beyond this reality, contemplation and meditation, prayer, etc. It is not bound by time and space. It comes into play when we ask for help and open up to receiving help from the spiritual realm. The tools and processes
of Radical Forgiveness provide a perfect way to ask, even if we are skeptical about the whole idea. Without Spiritual Intelligence, forgiveness would not be achieved.

Spiritual Intelligence has nothing to do with religion or spirituality as such. It is not a religious belief system, nor even a cognitive belief system. It’s an innate intelligence that seems to be part
of our basic nature and is almost akin to instinct. Except for people who’ve been so severely wounded that their inner-self has been fractured into a thousand pieces, everyone has it.
Spiritual Intelligence is that part of our psyche that knows the truth of who we are as spiritual beings and knows why we’re here and what our purpose is. It’s our direct connection to what we think of as Universal Intelligence — or God.

Spiritual Intelligence is beyond mind. As the intelligence of our Higher Self, it is that part of ourselves that knows how to stay connected with our Divine plan and actively keeps us on track with our purpose for being here. It is very much in charge of our life even though it is seldom part of our awareness.

Ancient people were very much in tune with spiritual energy, and they probably knew how to use their Spiritual Intelligence. They were able to access it, and it gave meaning to their lives. Indigenous people today still have this connection in a way that modern, industrial people can hardly fathom. We seem to have
had it programmed out of us.

Yet modern man yearns for that kind of connection, and many are now beginning to tune into their own Spiritual Intelligence. They are making connections with latent spiritual energy in all sorts of ways that are tremendously empowering.
Sometimes these ways take some rather bizarre and extreme forms which inevitably invites criticism and scorn, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that people of all types are beginning to tap into reserves of subtle spiritual energy within themselves and are using the practical aspects of it in their everyday lives.
Spiritual Intelligence I am pretty sure that, with the exception of a few people at the lower end who have endured such terrible
woundings in their lives that their souls have been virtually shattered, and a few at the upper end of the scale
whom we might identify as truly holy people who have transcended physicality, everyone else would be bunched up in the middle indicating that, when it comes to Spiritual Intelligence, everyone has more or less the same amount.

In fact, it would probably be closer to the truth to say that, since it is a basic spiritual principle that we’re all connected at the spiritual level, our Spiritual Intelligence is something that we all share collectively. But, having given so much power to the rational mind, human beings may have lost that simple ability to trust the innate Spiritual Intelligence that they possess or even to know that they have it. So, what is the evidence that we still have it and that it operates continuously, even though we’re no always aware of its
doing so?

Spiritual Intelligence manifesting as objective reality can only really be inferred. We can all think of instances in our own life that are just unexplainable, and yet we find ourselves unable to write them off as pure chance or coincidence. One of the most common examples of this is what we call a ‘synchronicity.’ There is no sensible way to explain synchronicities other than by citing the theories that reference non-local reality such as morphogenetic fields or the unified field of consciousness in which normal ideas about
space and time do not apply. In fact, it is only in the context of such theories that the idea of a synchronicity has any meaning at all. It is these theories that have given credence to the inference that Spiritual Intelligence is real.

Subjective Evidence
Another form of evidence for Spiritual Intelligence is that which is essentially subjective or experienced within. These experiences, that range from psychic predictions to intuitive impressions, are so common today and described in such terms as to seem universally much the same, that one can only assume that they are valid. Most people today are not so afraid to speak about their subjective spiritual experiences as they would have been only a few years ago. They would not have done so back then for fear of being ostracized.

Sometimes the two forms of evidence combine in situations where one’s inner experience shows up on the outer level as objective reality. Who has not had a thought about someone far away and then two minutes later received a phone call from them? Both these forms of evidence fall short of the rigors of the standard scientific method but nevertheless provide substantial empirical evidence that Spiritual Intelligence is real, substantial, and active in our lives.

So, in summary, here’s what I am willing to assume about Spiritual Intelligence based on the two kinds of evidence cited above.
1. Spiritual Intelligence operates in nonlocal reality. This means it works outside of normal space-time
parameters and is not subject to the Newtonian laws of physics and everyday reality.
2. Spiritual Intelligence is not connected to, nor a part of, other forms of intelligence which are specific
to us as individuals, such as intellectual or emotional intelligence.
3. Spiritual Intelligence is equally distributed among people.
4. Spiritual Intelligence is not possessed by us as individuals but is something that is common to all
human beings collectively and probably to all forms of life as well.
5. Spiritual Intelligence communicates with us — if only we listen. We are all able to receive and act upon information and practical guidance from that part of us that is connected — by Spiritual Intelligence — to the Unified Field. Such communication is often described as intuition — perhaps the most basic form of Spiritual Intelligence that many have recognized as being a very legitimate form of functioning in any situation.
6. Spiritual Intelligence manifests as healing energy. It can heal our bodies and minds and those of others.
7. Spiritual Intelligence reveals to us that what we see as problems, bad situations, and conflicts are, in fact, opportunities for us to grow spiritually and to realize that they are not accidental at all but are
created for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth.
8. It is our Spiritual Intelligence that reveals to us that those whom we naturally regard as our enemies, and by whom we feel victimized, are people we’ve actually attracted into our lives for the sole purpose of providing us with an opportunity to change something in ourselves. The people who have victimized us are therefore acting (at the soul level) as our teachers.
9. Spiritual Intelligence allows us to be enrolled by others into their life dramas to act as their teachers.

10. Spiritual Intelligence expresses itself through our physical body as feelings. When we block our feelings, it shows up in our body as disease.

So, that’s it for this video in Module # 4. Let’s now look at how this relates to the Four Strategies and how
we teach it to our clients.