Video 2 – Coaching in group

Module #8. The ‘Satori’ 7-Step Process
Video Two: Scripts (Doing the Process in a Group)

The ‘Satori’ (7-STEP) Radical Forgiveness Process

The exercise we are going to do now takes you through all five stages and is a particularly powerful tool for forgiving someone. It’s called the ‘Satori’ Forgiveness process. (Satori means
awakening to the truth.)

So, bring to mind someone you feel has done you badly in some way. Not yourself, please.” [If they can’t think of someone, help them out a bit. Try mother or father.] If they ask, “Why not myself?” explain that forgiveness is easier if we have someone “out there” to
work on, rather than the self “in here.” This is mainly because we have a whole community of selves inside us, so you don’t know who is doing the forgiving. Another reason is that I have found that
people who want to put themselves in the chair are the kind of people who tend to beat themselves up a lot, and will therefore just use this process to beat themselves up even more. We don’t want that.

Have them sit with an empty chair opposite them. Stress that this is an eyes closed process, and they should definitely resist any temptation to open their eyes. It will take them right out of their process.

Pre-Session Coaching:
You will need to coach them in the breathing part, just like you would when doing this with a client one-on-one.
“I am going to take you through a series of steps. There are seven in all.

“In the first step, I will ask you to imagine that the person you want to forgive is sitting right there in front of you. I will then ask you to bring to mind what it is that you are forgiving the person for – what he/she did, or is doing, to you, etc. I will ask you then to imagine yourself talking directly to the person, confronting him or her,
in fact, and telling him or her how much damage and suffering it has caused you. It is important to be the victim totally – no making excuses or doing a spiritual explanation.

As you confront the person in your mind, you might feel some emotion, and this is perfectly fine. We have tissues nearby.

“In Step Two, I will ask you to bring to mind why you are choosing to forgive him/her now. What I am looking for here are things like, “I want to be free,” “I want to go on with my life,” “I am tired of holding onto the past,”

I want to feel peace around this issue,” and so on. OK? These you will speak out loud. “The reason for doing this is that the subconscious mind will tend not to resist accepting an idea — which it usually does if it doesn’t “fit” — if there is a rational reason given for it. So, giving a reason sets things up for acceptance of the thoughts underlying Step Three.

“In Step Three I will ask you to give an answer to four questions. The answer is ‘YES’ in each case, even if you really would like to say ‘NO.’ But I want you to say it out very loud.

“In Step Four, I will ask you to pretend to take the person’s hands in yours. Then I will have you repeat something after me again.
“During the fifth step, I will ask you to do some circular breathing, so I would like to coach you a little on this now, so you will know what to do when I give you that instruction.

“Radical Forgiveness promotes a shift in energy, brought about by a shift in perception. Circular breathing is a way to integrate that energy shift and to anchor the change within every cell of your body, so you don’t go back to the old pattern. Circular breathing means breathing straight in and out; no pauses in between.

“It involves breathing deeply into the belly for a period of time. I would recommend you do it for about two minutes. I will ring the bell to let you know when that time has elapsed.

“In the very last step, I will ask you to complete a sentence that I say, and then to add some words of your own. “I think that’s about all I need to say now – unless you have any questions. Do you? Then let’s proceed. Sit comfortably with feet flat on the ground and your hands on your lap, eyes closed. Do not open your eyes at all during the process.


The ‘Satori’ (7-STEP) Radical Forgiveness Process

(For Groups)

STEP ONE: [Remember to say what step you are on at each stage.]
[Speak slowly and deliberately.] In your own mind, bring the person you want to forgive into focus. [Pause.] See him or her sitting in the chair in front of you. [Pause] You might even feel their energy.
[Pause] If it is safe for you to do so, bring to mind now all the things that he or she is doing, or has done, to you. (30 seconds)
In your own mind now, allow yourself to fully confront him/her about how much he/she hurt or damaged you. Tell him/her about the suffering he/she has caused you. (30 seconds or so.) When feelings start to come up, put your hand on the place in your body where they seem to be located. (Allow about one minute.)
[Watch for abreactions and tears. Put tissues in their hands.]
If you would like to, on the count of three, let out a scream that is an expression of the feelings that you have harbored about this situation. One, Two, Three . . . .


Say after me “I honor my story of what happened ….. and I am entitled to my feelings………and yet, I am now choosing to forgive this person because…” and speak out loud the reasons why you are
choosing to forgive. (Wait until everyone has completed.)


Please answer the following questions out loud and in a loud, clear voice. Here is the first question: [Speak these out in a fairly commanding, powerful manner, raising the volume of your
a) Are you willing to be open to the possibility that there is a healing opportunity for you contained in this situation? YES! (Make them repeat it louder.) “Good.”
b) Are you willing to see that, even though you don’t know why or how your soul created this situation in order to give you an opportunity to learn and grow? YES!
c) As you begin to move into an awareness of the spiritual big picture, are you finding yourself able to recognize that even though you felt you were not getting what you wanted, you each were, in fact, getting exactly what you unconsciously wanted from each other? YES! “Good.”

d) Are you now ready and willing to cancel your contract with this person , and to let go of your
unconscious need to stay a victim? YES! “Terrific!”


Good. This is going just fine. Now again, imagining the person sitting there in front of you, extend your
hands and pretend to take their hands in yours. Now repeat after me: I recognize that even though I may not understand why… I have co-created this situation with you… so that we both may grow and learn…. I honor the part of you …. that has been willing to
play this role… for my healing… and I see you now as a blessing in my life. I honor the part of me …. that has been willing to play a role… for your healing… and I honor myself …as having been a
blessing in your life.” Good, now bring your hands back to your lap.


Now, as you drop into your heart and become fully connected to your Higher Self, you might begin to feel a sensation somewhere in your body — perhaps a tingling, or a pinprick, or a surge of energy, as you begin to surrender to the Love vibration that flows from your Higher Self. Nod your head ‘yes’ when you feel that sensation somewhere in your body. (Wait) Good! That’s fine! And if you haven’t felt it yet, that’s fine too.

Open your heart fully now, to receive that unconditional love. Begin conscious breathing now, and allow this love to flow into every part of you, healing all the hurt and pain, knowing that the Higher Self knows exactly what to do to complete the healing. Breathe consciously until you hear the bell which is the signal that the two minutes are up and that you can return to normal breathing. If you need to keep breathing for a few moments after the bell, then that’s OK. (Pause for a while before going on to step 6.)


When you feel ready, extend your hands outward again to the person you are forgiving and say, “I send unconditional love out to you now…. I unconditionally love and support you just the way you
are… how you have been… and the way you will be in the future…. I bless you for giving me the opportunity to heal.

Now put your hands over your heart and say after me, “I send unconditional love to myself now. . . just the way I am . . . , how I have been . . . , and the way I will be in the future.”


Keeping your hands connected, repeat after me, “The beautiful, wonderful qualities that I see in you… that you reflect back to me are…… (name some positive qualities that you see in them.) [Wait
until everyone has completed.]

“When you are ready, open your eyes.” Sharing Their Experience
“OK, now without going into chit-chat, come on over here and let’s share what happened.”

Get them very close, either sitting on the floor or in chairs or in a combination. You be close, too. Keep the energy safe, loving, and empathic. Encourage intimate sharing. Have tissues available. Don’t do any analyzing or pushing for a reframe.

Tell them what to watch out for in the way of miracles, physical or emotional discomfort, etc. Don’t forget to give them resources to contact if they do not feel good the next day. Suggest they use Epsom salts bath to dissolve released toxicity.