Module 4 – Lesson 2: Soul Contracts

 Module 4: Spiritual Perspectives

Video Two: Soul Contracts


As was explained in the previous video, an important element of the Radical Forgiveness paradigm is the idea that prior to your incarnation, you arranged with other souls to come in at certain times in your life to do things to you (though in reality, it was for you), so you could experience a particular form of separation.

Now, this is known as a soul contract or soul agreement. Many people are skeptical about this idea of soul contracts, but as we mentioned in an earlier module, Robert Schwartz, in his book, Your Soul’s Plan, offered evidence that, while it may not qualify as solid scientific proof, it certainly highly suggestive that soul contracts might be true.

You will recall that after having a personal experience of his own, he gathered together lots of stories from people who had been apparently victimized. He then sent those stories to a number of psychics, mediums, and channelers. He asked them to look for what might have precipitated these events.

When he got their respective readings back, there was an extraordinary degree of agreement within the group that each event had been the result of a soul contract which some of them described in great detail.

It clearly suggests and lends credence to the idea presented in Jack’s story that a lot of pre-planning goes into how our life turns out and that what actually happens is exactly what we want to experience. Also, that we arrange for other souls to support us in our spiritual goals by coming into our lives at certain times to act out some kind of drama with us.

Soul contracts can be of assistance to us in a number of ways. For example, one possible reason for asking a soul partner to come in and commit the crime of sexual abuse against us might be that we had ourselves been a pedophile in a previous life and we wanted to balance that karmic energy out by experiencing being the victim in our next incarnation.

It is also suggestive of the need to enroll other souls in giving us the experiences of separation in order to support our mission. As we said, we think it is highly likely that, when we incarnate, we are given some sort of a mission to fulfill. We are seldom aware of it, of course, especially during the period of spiritual amnesia. (Colin said that he didn’t learn until he was in his fifties that his was to bring Radical Forgiveness to the world.)

In the book, Radical Forgiveness, Colin proposes the idea that Princess Diana’s mission was to open the heart chakra of Britain by dying in the way she did after connecting at the heart level with the British people by sharing her wound publicly. It seemed at the time, very clear to him that she and Prince Charles had a soul contract to make that happen. You can read more about that in Chapter 10 in the Radical Forgiveness book.

Colin had an experience of having to defend the idea of Radical Forgiveness when he was giving a workshop in which there were a lot of Jewish people participating. As he was explaining the idea behind Radical Forgiveness; (that is that everything that happens is all part of a divine plan and, therefore, perfect in the spiritual context), several of them kept shouting, “What about the Holocaust. What about the Holocaust?”

Here’s an explanation in Colin’s words:

“This is a question I get a great deal in lectures and seminars, but my usual answer did not satisfy them. I usually say that such things cannot be explained, but if we find that Radical Forgiveness works in our own lives for less dramatic events, even though we don’t know why, then we have to entertain the possibility that it must work for everything, including the Holocaust – and other Holocausts as well. For I was making the point that what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis was not unique. There were plenty of other examples of genocide to be concerned about too.

But in the end, I got very tired of their constant heckling and interruptions, so I said this. “Look, what I will do if you’re interested, I will stay behind after this weekend workshop, and I will present a three-hour seminar about why I think the Holocaust happened. You’re invited to come if you would like to, but until then, please be quiet about the Holocaust. Is that a deal?”

Well, they said yes and they did come to the seminar. 8 people turned up for it. I really didn’t know quite what I was going to say, but here’s a brief summary of what came out of my mouth in that three-hour period.

It seems to me that there is no race of people more committed to victim consciousness than the Jewish race, so much so that they keep on creating instances of victimization generation, after generation, after generation.

I have demonstrated to you, and you have found it to be true in your own lives during the timeline exercise that we did earlier, that we all tend to repeat instances of an original wound over and over again as a way to leverage the energy.

We also saw that these instances tend to become bigger and bigger each time until one is so magnified that it causes us to go into a state of complete breakdown. Also, that we’ve seen that the breakdown is a necessary prelude to a breakthrough and the beginning of an awakening process. It was also suggested that souls agree to come into the life experience and do things to facilitate the breakdown and help with the healing process that follows. So, let’s see if we can make up a story about what happened based on these assumptions.

I think that it is likely that there are such things as group souls just like there is group consciousness amongst races, communities, and even countries. So, on that assumption, I make it up that the group soul of the Jewish race decided that they’d had enough of being victimized and wanted to put an end to the pattern that they had established down the ages as their way of experiencing separation.

The group soul knew it had far exceeded its need to experience separation, but since then being victimized had become a very strong and powerful addiction that would be very hard to break. It knew that it needed a very strong loving soul with unlimited love and compassion to come along to help end their addiction to victim consciousness.

Spirit agreed to facilitate such a contract. Many candidates were interviewed until they came upon one that they felt had enough love to do what was needed to be done and at the same time would be able to withstand the hatred that would eventually be heaped upon him, not only during this lifetime but for many generations to come. The human identity they gave this soul was Adolph Hitler. He would enter the human realm and would enroll another group soul that was suffering from its own particular addiction that needed to be broken. The German group soul.

Their addiction was for unbridled lust for worldly power and righteous domination over all others who were inferior to them, which was, of course, according to them, everyone else, particularly the Jews.

Adolph would become one of them and, eventually, their charismatic leader. He would then immediately incite them to round up all the Jews, discredit them, humiliate them, and gradually
annihilate them in a dreadful and disgusting manner.

This was a perfect set up for the two soul groups. Led by Hitler, the Germans would create the worst possible form of victimization they could think of for the Jews so it would elevate their victim
consciousness to such a great height that it would finally collapse once and for all and forever. The Jews’ suffering would serve to reinforce the Germans’ narcissism and self-righteous superiority complex until it too would implode under its own weight and collapse the energy that created it in the first place
for a reason known only to Spirit. Those who died did so in service to their group soul, and each one of those deaths was a pre-planned contract and entirely voluntary. And, since death isn’t real anyway,
nobody died.

So, there you have it. That’s my story of why the Holocaust happened. It was a contract between two soul groups and one super soul with enough love to make it happen, the purpose being the healing of the two group minds. Now, I don’t know whether there is any truth to any of this, but I do know this: It’s a better damn story than you one you have been hanging out in for generations.

That’s what I said.

Well, the reaction of the group was incredible. They loved it. The wife of the one who had been the most
vocal and vociferous exclaimed that she wanted to teach all Jewish kids this way of looking at things.

The discussion continued for a long time, and the question arose regarding the actual outcomes for each soul group. We agreed that the Jews finally got their own land and while they are still obsessed with security and always feeling threatened, they are supported by much of the world including America and most of Europe. At the same time, though, in the way they are treating the Palestinians, they’re getting to experience the pain of being the perpetrators. So, the healing continues. It’s a long-term project for them.

The outcome of the war neutralized the German addiction to ideas of racial superiority and lust for world power. I think that the group soul itself died and was replaced by another group soul. I don’t know, but it very much seemed that the German race had died and was instantly reborn.

After the war, they did all they could to atone for the crimes they committed. Germany was also supported by the rest of the world and by America, in particular, to rebuild and renew their country. It was split in two for a while but has now healed the split, unifying East and West. Germany is now in the process of helping to support other states in the European Union get through some very difficult times.”

Keep this story in mind for when we get to Module #7, which is Radical Transformation. It’s a good example of how we can construct a reframe in our own minds about something that is happening out there that seems way beyond forgiveness.

We’ll see you in the next video which looks at the idea of Spiritual Intelligence.