Video 2


Module #2. The Scope of Radical Living

Video Two. Typical Problems to Which You Have the Solution
You’ve probably heard me say it, but I stand by the claim that there is no problem that has an emotional element to it that cannot be solved, resolved, or dis-solved using Radical Forgiveness.

That’s because all problems are misperceptions. They are founded on a view of reality that is an illusion we have created with our minds. All four Radical Living Strategies provide the means of correcting the misperceptions on which all of these problems are based.

Chapter 9 in the book, Radical Forgiveness speaks to this idea by showing how we construct our reality with our thoughts and beliefs about it. Then we project this onto the world and imagine it to be the truth. Let me read it to you. “Central to the idea that we create our own reality is the Law of Cause and Effect. This states that
every action has an equal reaction. Therefore, every cause must have an effect, and every effect must have a cause. Since thoughts are causal in nature, every thought has an effect in the world. In
other words, we — unconsciously for the most part, of course — create our world, the world of humanity, with our thoughts.
Individual random thoughts do not carry a lot of energy, so they create a relatively small effect.

However, thoughts accompanied by much larger amounts of energy, especially emotional or creative energy, have a much larger effect in the world. Thus, they play a larger hand in creating our reality
or, more likely, distorting it even more.

When a thought gathers sufficient energy to become a belief, it has even greater effect in the world. It becomes an operating principle in our lives, and then we create effects — circumstances,
situations, even physical events that hold true to that set of beliefs about how things are”

Not realizing that we have a large measure of responsibility for having created these situations or events through our thoughts and beliefs, we construct elaborate stories about how we’ve been unfairly
treated, betrayed, abandoned, abused, rejected, ignored, disempowered, cheated on, let down, stripped of one’s dignity, wounded, used, unfairly dismissed, imprisoned, and so on. All victim stories.

These are the very stories people will come to you with, hoping you can do something to relieve their unbearable pain about what happened or is happening to them. Thankfully, you have the solution to any and all of them.

Now let me prove it to you. Go back to those three basic questions I said you need to have in your mind as you listen to the person tell you their victim story, or perpetrator story. Do you remember what they are? You need to know them off by heart.

1. What is perfect about what is occurring for this person?
2. How is the perfection revealing itself?
3. How can I get the person to see the perfection?

So, let’s analyze these 3 questions and apply them to show how they provide the answer to any problem.

Question #1. What is perfect about what is occurring for this person? What is the Answer? We don’t know. The full answer to that question lies on the other side of the veil. We’re not privy to that
knowledge yet. But we are quite certain that whatever is occurring is meant to be occurring for this person’s highest good, and from a spiritual standpoint, therefore, it is perfect.

At the back of our minds will be thoughts that back it up such as, it’s possibly karma, a soul contract, part of one’s spiritual growth, soul destiny, or a healing. But we really don’t know. And yet, when we
listen we may get some strong clues that indicate that one or more of these are likely to be operating.

And the 2nd Question is: How is the perfection revealing itself? Answer: Well, it’s all contained in their story if you will listen hard enough. The story will contain amazing synchronicities, repeating patterns, past life stories, generational pain being acted out, insights from dreams, meditations, and contemplations, all of which match the story and reveal the perfection. You will hear likely evidence of
karmic balancing, of a soul contract being acted out, of a mission being carried out, and of a soul learning.

OK, so the 3rd Question is: How do I get the person to see the perfection in the situation? Well, this is where the rubber meets the road where you are concerned: It’s where you provide the solution to
any problem that your client may be experiencing, just like I said.
Clearly, it is NOT by trying to make a positive out of it, saying things like ‘Well, something good might come of it,’ or ‘You know, you’ll be a stronger person because of it.’ That may well be true, but that’s not
the real answer. At best, it’s just a band-aid.

No, what we offer is a totally different way of looking at the situation by changing not the story, but the context of the story. A different movie, if you will. In other words, to use language you are by now
familiar with, we help them reframe their story. This opens them up to the idea that their soul wanted the experience and had enrolled someone to create the opportunity and make it happen, most likely
with the help of a number of other souls who were willing to take part in the drama.

Seen from that point of view, we have to accept that it was perfect. As you know, we don’t actually have to believe it. It still works even if we have to fake-it-‘til-we-make-it. We only need to be willing to
be open to the possibility that there was perfection in the situation. It still works. The fact is that when these thoughts are shared with the client and accepted, something magical happens. The problem
dissolves and goes away.

So, there you have it. The Radical Forgiveness reframe is the solution to any problem of an emotional nature that we are likely to ever be confronted with. But it is a step-by-step process getting there, as you know. The reframe is the fourth step in the 5-stage process, and the fifth is where we integrate the reframe into all five bodies.

We don’t do this in our heads, however. We use worksheets and other tools that make that happen which is why we put so much emphasis in Part One on teaching you how to show people how to use them. If we try to do it in our heads, our intellect kicks in and tries to tell us that it’s all nonsense. Our Higher Self knows better, though, and it’s that part of ourselves we are connecting with when we do the worksheets.

With Radical Manifestation, it is a bit different, but there is still the part where their thoughts and beliefs are operating to block their abundance, like not deserving what they want, having a belief in
scarcity, a belief that wealth is bad, and so on. All those beliefs and many like them are part of the old ‘scarcity’ paradigm. Our task with them is to help them accept an abundance paradigm in which the
Law of Attraction is fully operative. Then they will be able to manifest what they want.

In the next video, we’ll look at how the ‘so-called problems’ we mentioned above tend to show up in particular areas of life that turn out to be ideal for experiencing the pain of separation. This may help you to identify your niche.

See you then.