Video 2

Module #14. Coaching Demos
Video Two: Later Videos

Preamble: These sessions were recorded in 2012, so even though the quality is better than the first batch, we’re still not recording in high definition at that time. They were done on the same basis as the others in that the sessions were one-off with people that I had not met before, that is except for Kym. She is one of our coaches.

Again, the promise was we would use them only for training purposes, which in turn means that you must treat them as being strictly confidential and not to be shared with anyone.
Here are the four that we would like you to watch and comment upon:

1. Jennifer. In her early life, she looked after her sister Natalie and was extremely attached to her. But, Natalie eventually died. Jennifer’s identity was so tied up with Natalie, that she felt the loss very deeply. As well as Natalie, she’s had a lot of death experiences in her spiritual journey. Her current issue is her having behavior problems with her daughter. So, I want you to see how the daughter is teaching her.

2. Linda. This is a very complicated story with lots of players. But, the key player is her cruel and extremely abusive Mother. Linda is open to the metaphysical approach but she is resistant. So watch how I deal with that, and how I have to stay firm on the reframe, not allowing her to divert me from that. Notice my use of the white board to have her involved and able to see the big picture. This is a technique you need to master.

You can see how powerful it is in this session with Linda.

3. Kym. This session is about relationships and the power of core-negative beliefs, learned at an early age from one or both parents, to determine how your life evolves, and what one needs to do to break the pattern, assuming, that is, that it is not part of your divine plan to experience not being in relationship for a long period of time. But, that we never know. You just have to do what you can and trust the process.

4. David. Again, this is a good example of how to use the whiteboard to create a picture of the situation. In this case, a timeline that helped him to see how he had set himself up for 25 years of co-dependence and denial.

So, enjoy those videos, make notes, and journal what you find.
In the next video, we examine how these videos demonstrate the truth of our claim that Radical Forgiveness is the solution to any problem.

See you then.