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Module #7. Radical Transformation
Video One: Making a World of Difference

This Radical Living strategy is perhaps the most difficult and least used of them all. And, yet could become the most important one of all at some time in the future when something occurs out there in the world that knocks us all for six, and we search for answers.
I say that it is the most difficult and least used but it requires us to expand our minds to the very limit of our willingness to see the perfection of what might be going on out there in the world. War, genocide, rape, and atrocities often committed in the name of some religion, mass starvation, human trafficking, female genital
mutilation, environmental degradation, elephants being killed enmass for their ivory, tsunamis, earthquakes;
you name it, something terrible is happening somewhere in the world with millions of people suffering.

It feels like we are utterly powerless to do anything to make a difference. As one war stops, another breaks out. It’s endless and inevitable, it seems. One disaster after another. Corruption and crime everywhere.

Human greed behind most of it. Nothing challenges our willingness to entertain the possibility that there is Divine perfection in absolutely everything then when we watch the news on TV and see these terrible things occurring out there in the
world, day after day, year after year.

So how do we cope with it, and better yet, make a difference? Well, we may well have discovered, and have become quite comfortable with, the notion that, in our own lives, things change for the better when we become willing to entertain the idea that everything happens for a reason and that there is divine purpose
in everything that happens in our lives.

But then, when it comes to the really big things out there in the world, our perception of spiritual reality is so limited we just cannot fathom how it can be purposeful in any spiritual sense for such things to happen. It’s simply beyond our comprehension given our level of conscious awareness at this time. Not surprisingly
then, we might easily find ourselves rejecting the whole idea that there might be perfection in such things as war, and genocide, and heinous criminal acts, and natural disasters, and so on.

Well, how I dealt with this dilemma when I was first confronted with it, was to remember how often I had experienced relief by becoming open up to the idea that there had to be perfection in what had made me feel like a victim. I also knew that with Radical Forgiveness there were no exceptions. It cannot be selective.

It either works for everything or nothing. There’s no in-between with Radical Forgiveness.

Therefore, I reasoned, that if it works at the level of my own experience, then it must also be operative in exactly the same way when it comes to the larger events. It is simply that my own consciousness is too limited to be able to see it so clearly.
And, as with all the other strategies, but none so much as with this one, the need for us to have a worksheet that helps us to fake-it-til-we-make-it and to use our own Spiritual Intelligence to connect with the higher truth of what appears to be happening out there, becomes paramount.

Throughout this course, we’ve come to realize all the worksheets in some, almost magical way, shift the energy around a situation that appears to be the problem in such a way that the problem is automatically dissolved. The energy holding the problem in place collapses and everything changes. The situation is healed, the spiritual purpose for it being there in the first place, for those involved, having been served.

The Radical Transformation Worksheet is no exception. It will do the same. When you shift your energy around a particular situation or event, you will contribute towards the collapse of the energy field holding that situation together.

Now don’t underestimate your power to affect something really big happening out there. As David Hawkins has shown, someone vibrating at a high level will counteract many thousands of people vibrating at a low level — below 200, that is. For example, he puts Radical Forgiveness at around 400 on his scale of consciousness whereas those who are in fear, anger, and apathy vibrates at a very low level — way below 200. They are the ones keeping the situation going even though they want it to stop. So long as we feed
situations with fear, they will continue. What you resist persists — remember that?

However, Hawkins estimates that one person vibrating at between 350-400, projecting a Radical Forgiveness vibration, will counteract around 195,000 vibrating below 200. That person could be you.
This is how powerful you can be in changing the world. If you live your life with a Radical Forgiveness perspective most of the time, you will be vibrating at that higher rate.

By doing this Radical Transformation Worksheet, you will counteracting many thousands of people who are projecting a fear vibration into it. You really can make a difference.

This worksheet will help you gather up your willingness to entertain the possibility (notice I don’t say believe), that whatever is happening out there that is upsetting you is all part of a divine plan, while at the same time feeling compassion and empathy with and for the people involved, and perhaps even taking action to help
alleviate the suffering.

If we do lend a hand in this way, we’re much more powerful if we do it with a consciousness that is free of the need to blame or add to the pain by getting angry and upset. If we remain willing to see the hand of God in the situation, we will, simply by virtue of our vibration be of much greater help that we otherwise would. And,
the people around you will feel it too.

I meet a lot of people who consider themselves spiritual making a virtue out of avoiding the news on the grounds that it is too negative. I have some sympathy with that idea if only because the news can be so distorted, but the fact is, reported events are only negative if we remain blocked off from the idea that there is a spiritual purpose being served by it.

Avoiding the pain is to do spiritual bypass. And that does no one any good. It can be very good spiritual practice to make a point of exposing oneself to the pain and suffering of, say, earthquake victims, or a mass shooting, or some other awful event and doing one’s best to remain open to seeing the perfection in
the situation.

That’s why I recommend you keeping the Radical Transformation Worksheets handy to use whenever you see something on the news that is upsetting or when something happens that is absolutely beyond you to see the perfection in it and is emotionally overwhelming. Even while you sit in your armchair watching
events unfold on the other side of the world perhaps, you will be making a difference energetically, if you hold the vision of perfection. You really are that powerful, and I hope you know it.
Better yet, pick up your iPad or smartphone and go to radical and find the Online Interactive Radical Transformation Worksheet there. That makes it accessible at any moment that calsl for it, so create a shortcut for it, so it is instantly available.

There is very large number of people around the world who feel deep in their bones that what we are going through right now is a healing crisis and that a profound shift in consciousness is imminent and that we can help bring that about by using all the tools that we have at our disposal, this one being the one that we will
need to use most to help pull us through the breakdown process to where we finally breakthrough from the third to the fifth dimension.
Becoming grounded in this Radical Living strategy will help you raise your vibration and maintain it at a level where you are less stressed by what is happening in the world and at the same time raising the consciousness of the planet.

So, that will do by way of an introduction. Now, let’s now go over the worksheet, step by step.