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Module #9. Radical Manifestation

Video One: The Essence of Radical Manifestation At first blush, you wouldn’t think that Radical Manifestation comes out of the same mold as Radical Forgiveness and, therefore, doesn’t really qualify as a Radical Living Strategy in the same way that the
others do.

But, there is a direct link in the sense that Radical Manifestation gets results in the same way as does Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Empowerment, and Radical Transformation — by using the Tipping Method technology. Which is the same thing as saying that it works by connecting in with and trusting our
Spiritual Intelligence. They all do that. And, it’s why it gets the results that it does.

It’s also very much in alignment with the same world view as the other strategies. In a similar way that Radical Forgiveness recognizes that there is nothing to forgive because nothing wrong happened, Radical Manifestation is grounded in the idea that the Universe is a place of total abundance and we can have it all.
There is no shortage of anything.

As I have said before, while Radical Forgiveness is the strategy for healing the past and dealing with what is happening now, Radical Manifestation is the Radical Living strategy for creating our future. Through activating the Law of Attraction, this strategy brings into our experience that which we have put a lot of intention on having, knowing as I said, that the Universe is totally abundant and it wishes to shower that abundance upon us.

Radical Manifestation empowers us to create the things and situations that we desire to have in life – a new relationship perhaps, the baby you’ve always wanted, a job or new career, the kind of house you want, and so on. It’s another form of empowerment, but this time it is directed not inwards as with the Radical
Forgiveness, but outwards.

Actually, there is nothing unusual about creating with our thoughts. We’re doing it all the time. But without conscious awareness, though, most of the time.

We don’t know that we are doing it. But thoughts have energy, and that energy goes out there and creates effects in the real world. Beliefs have even more energy, especially if they’re backed up with a lot of emotional attachment. They become powerful packets of energy that either attract or repel matching energies from
the world out there.

You don’t have to be more than a little bit awake to notice how this has worked in your own life and observed it happening in the lives of others. It also works the other way around. If you want to know what your beliefs are, look at what keeps turning up in your life. It is not an accident.

You see, you get what you focus on, whether it’s good or bad. The Universe is neutral and does not judge or make an assessment of what you should or should not have. It simply follows your direction.

So, it makes perfect sense, therefore, to be careful what you put your attention on — because you might get
it. So, instead of using the Law of Attraction unconsciously and getting what you don’t want, we learn how to do
it consciously and in a way, that keeps the subconscious mind out of it as much as possible.

You use the process of Radical Manifestation to bring into your experience only what you feel is in your highest and best interest to have. Not that you necessarily know what actually is in your highest interest, of course, but saying that lays open the possibility that something better may come in even if what you asked for didn’t show up. By using the Radical Manifestation technology, you are also asking your Higher Self to bring to you what is for your highest good.

In that sense, doing a Radical Manifestation worksheet is tantamount to submitting a prayer. But not a prayer in the ordinary sense that we use that term. We’re not relying on a beneficent God to either give or not give. It’s a prayer to the God within you — that which I call your Higher Self. Your own Spiritual Intelligence
knows what is best for you to have, so your own inner wisdom decides what that is and puts out the call.

Actually, the first person to make popular the idea that we can create what we want using the power of our own minds was Napoleon Hill, the author of the groundbreaking book, Think and Grow Rich. Over the years many others took up the idea; but it was not until the movie, The Secret, featuring a lot of well-known
experts, came along that it finally went ‘viral’ over the internet.
Since then, it has since gained a large measure of mainstream acceptance. While some people in the press dismiss it as mere wishful thinking, quantum physics lends a lot of credence to the idea, which makes it even more interesting.

In the wake of The Secret going viral, hundreds of thousands of people spent lots and lots of money going to seminars where the emphasis was on reprogramming the subconscious mind using affirmations and other tricks in order to change their money mindset.

The idea was to reprogram the mind so it would change its belief system and adopt a millionaire’s mindset. Now, what we know about the subconscious mind, however, it is extremely resistant to change. Nearly everyone came away more broke than they were before the seminar and pretty much remained that way. It’s almost impossible to change the basic mindset of the subconscious mind using conscious mind activities like affirmations. The subconscious mind is infinitely more influential than the conscious mind mentality and
carries many more votes in creating our reality.

With the Tipping Method, we stop trying to roll the snowball us the hill. We let the subconscious mind have all its hard-wired negative beliefs and thought patterns, and we offer no challenges to it. We simply let it be. We ignore it. We bypass it altogether and use a different part of the mind instead. You won’t be shocked to learn
that it is our Spiritual Intelligence that does the work at the bidding of the conscious mind through the device of a worksheet. We use the worksheet, tell it what we want to manifest and then get out of the way.

There’s a good video in the Resources section that describes this process, so you might want to watch it.

Anyway, the point is, if trying to reprogram the subconscious is almost impossible and we already have a
part of our psyche that already knows the truth and is able to connect into the Divine field of infinite possibility
immediately, why not use it and not even bother with the mind at all?

This part of the psyche has no resistance to the idea that the Universe is a state of infinite abundance and that we can use our spiritual power to manifest what we want or need. It can easily access the great sea of abundance and bring forth from there what it is that we need.

Now, how does Radical Manifestation fit in as something a client would seek you out for? Well, unless you make it a strong focus in your practice, it is unlikely that anyone would. The fact is though that someone who is a Radical Forgiveness client may well turn into someone who would want to focus on how to create a better life, attract a mate, or get pregnant.

There can easily be a natural progression from one to the other, especially with a client who is interested in the vitamin approach — by which we mean they are committed to their spiritual growth. And, with Radical Manifestation, you don’t have the same worry about crossing the line into seeming to be doing therapy.

A lot of people feel that they are powerless to create the things in their life that they really want and become very frustrated with themselves. So, this is an ideal client for you because you have everything you need to help them remove the blocks to their creative power. You also have tools to offer them that activate the part
of their brain that knows how to use the Law of Attraction to pull what they want into their experience. Not only that, but you have an approach to the process that most other teachers of conscious creating do not.

The book, Radical Manifestation: The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want contains all the cognitive material you need to be able to teach your client the principles of Radical Manifestation, so there’s no point in repeating it all here.

You will get questions in the Quiz at the end of this Module that will reference only Chapters, 6, 7, 8, and 9. So, you need to have studied these. Read and re-read that book until you really get it. You especially need to understand the basic explanation that quantum physics provides to explain how the Law of Attraction works in order to overcome the skepticism that most people have about it. Learn by heart what David Bohm says about there being an Implicate Order in which everything that ever was, is, or will be is contained as potential, and that we bring it into the Explicate Order (physical reality) through applying our consciousness to it. (You’ll find that in Chapter 7.)

We shall return to Radical Manifestation and how to coach people in manifesting what they want in the next video. But, in the meantime, pay attention to what you’re attracting into your life now, so you can become aware of the process. Be thinking about what you will want to consciously create when we do the Radical Manifestation Worksheet in Video #4.