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Module #5. Who’s Awake?

Video One: What Does It Mean to be Awake?
We covered this in some depth in Module #3 of the Part One course, but I think it’s worth recapping here, so you get it fully anchored into your beingness and become really comfortable with it. It is, after all, what you will be looking for and assessing in your clients.
For example, if you get someone who is not yet quite awake or is going through a breakdown experience prior to waking up to the new paradigm, you will know to take your time getting to a reframe. A reframe doesn’t make much sense to someone who has not yet begun to awaken to the new reality.

So, let’s be sure we know what is meant by the term awakening. A good working definition is that an Awakening happens or begins to happen when your Higher Self registers that you have completed the
amount the pain of separation you signed up for and that the time has arrived for you to begin to remember who you are, where you came from and why you are here.

 Now, this is very different from being an ‘awakened being,’ and we need to have that distinction firmly in our minds. An awakened being is a person who has attained an extremely high level of spiritual awareness and direct connection with the spiritual realm. There are few of them on the planet; Buddha being the best- known example.

Becoming awakened in the sense that we are using it here, is a relatively common experience and happens to a lot of people. It simply means we have woken up from the dream of separation and are able to live in both the world of spirit and the world of humanity at the same time and able to discern the difference.

What usually precipitates the awakening is an experience that many people describe as being the ‘dark night of their soul,’ during or after which it becomes clear that, in spite of the fact that they have tried to make it all perfect, their life is not working. They are exhausted and overwhelmed by their constant efforts to make things happen their way, and they are at the end of their rope.
It feels like a total breakdown or burnout experience and is often accompanied by a series of lengthy bouts
of crying and sobbing. Anger may be present too, but sadness and fear predominate. Suicide may even be contemplated. There’s a feeling of simply giving up. What’s the point? Why bother? And, who cares?

This breakdown experience can be the result of some seemingly catastrophic event that acted as ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ It might be a divorce, a bankruptcy, an illness, an accident; some kind of serious pattern interrupt that would precipitate a breakdown and change everything.

Then, sometime after the breakdown event, you have what I call a ‘Satori’ event. Something happens that causes an opening in your consciousness. It could be reading a book that does it. It could be something you chanced to hear on the radio or TV. Perhaps you went to a lecture and heard something that made a light bulb come on in your mind. It’s usually something totally unexpected and out of the blue. And you can’t help thinking that it wasn’t an accident.

You also begin to notice a lot of synchronicities occurring that can’t possibly be coincidental, and you may begin to feel that you are being guided and in some way ‘looked after.’ You might get some past-life flashbacks or experience a number of epiphanies. Certain books may come into your hands that confirm what you have begun to feel intuitively. Certain people, too, might show up in your life in a way that is significant in that they have something to offer you just when you need it. Well, all of that is Spirit at work, and you’re pulling it in through your Spiritual Intelligence.
As the process of awakening unfolds, everything suddenly starts to look different. For years you’ve convinced yourself that everything that happened to you was the result of bad luck, random chance, and in many instances, the consequence of other people and institutions, intentionally or unintentionally hurting or damaging you, by betraying you, abandoning you, cheating on you, lying to you, abusing you, discriminating against you, injuring you, and so on.

When you were operating out of this kind of consciousness, at no point did it occur to you that there might be a divine purpose behind everything that was occurring in your life. Your focus was on doing everything possible to avoid the circumstances that made life difficult, uncomfortable, and painful. And, if all of that still didn’t satisfy you, you may have turned to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, or computer games to dull the pain.

However, as you began to realize that your life might have meaning beyond mere accident and bad luck, you begin to see that your so-called dramas might be all part of a bigger plan. Suddenly they are more than merely the result of having married the wrong person, being part of a dysfunctional family, or having picked the wrong thing to invest in, etc. You begin to realize that all of these self-created experiences have had an important role to play in your soul’s development.

Those of you whom have been through this process of awakening will agree with me, I’m sure, that this is a most exciting and exhilarating time, even if it is a little scary. After all, it takes a lot of courage to give up your victim stories, and many people will have a lot of resistance to doing that. Some even balk at the prospect and go back into Victimland, at least for a while.

Your stories may have been lifelong ‘friends’ and had served to create your identity. In many cases you’ve used them, mostly in a totally unconscious way, to control others and get what you wanted. But, as I mentioned earlier, what is even more scary about it for you is that you begin to ask yourself, “If I am not my story, who am I?” Shift Happens.

As you deepen into the awareness of the truth that begins to be revealed to you, a whole new opportunity to expand your consciousness opens up.

As you continue to awaken and to see the perfection in everything that has ever happened to you, it will become obvious to you that Love had always been flowing beneath every one of those circumstances you thought were so bad. As you come to recognize that things did not happen TO you, but FOR you, you feel such gratitude for that Love; the Love of God, shall we say. The more you realize that Love was always there and flowing through you, the more you are able to breathe it in and feel it filling you up. Others might call this energy the Universal Life Force, but it makes no difference what we call it. Whatever name we give it, it’s
essentially the Love that drives the Universe and breathes life into everything.

Assignment #1
My Awakening Experience
As I have already said, I am quite certain you would not be doing this course if you were not either at the beginning point of the awakening, having just experienced some kind of breakdown in your life, or you’re quite a way into it. It might be interesting, however, to make a stab at estimating how far into the Awakening process that you might actually be at this time in your life.

So, download the “My Awakening Experience,” assignment and respond to the questions provided. Be honest in your assessment. It is not a matter of being more or less advanced than anyone else. Everyone is where they need to be. Any attachment to being in a particular position is simply Ego.

Bear in mind, too, that though the Soul’s Journey timeline suggests that the Awakening process is a linear process, the reality is likely to be a lot more complicated than that. I imagine it being a spiral process in which you keep going in and out of being awake.
You’ll be asked to use a larger piece of paper or even a whiteboard to construct a timeline for yourself, plotting all your ‘stories’ along the timeline that occurred prior to your awakening, as well as those during the awakening, and beyond. Show how the stories prior to the awakening last a lot longer and have a lot more pain and suffering attached to them, while those afterward are short-lived and have very little suffering attached to them because they are quickly reframed.

In the next module, we’ll examine the topic of the Indigo and Crystal Children.