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Module #4. Spiritual Perspectives

Video One: Spirituality 101

Up to now, both in Part One and Part Two of this training program we’ve given a basic metaphysical explanation for how the Radical Living Strategies work, based pretty much exclusively on the results that we have observed for them over the years. In this module, I’d like to take it further and present some of the spiritual underpinnings of the core concept of Radical Forgiveness.

In 2003, I wrote a book called A Radical Incarnation. It was a story about a soul named Jack, who was being prepared for his incarnation, and for a very special mission that he was to be given. My intention for writing that book was that it would act as a spiritual primer for people who were searching for answers to
some of the most fundamental spiritual questions that people grapple with today. A sort of Spirituality 101 if you will, hence the title of this video.

I chose to present these spiritual ideas in a light and rather tongue-in-cheek story form as opposed to taking a rather dry intellectual approach to the topic, so I felt this would be the appropriate way to do it here and at this moment in the course.

So, what follows is Jack’s first-person account of the initial phase of his preparation and the conversation between him and Harley, his Angel of Incarnation. It is designed to show that a lot of work goes into preparing for our journey from the spiritual realm into the world of humanity and that its purpose is to experience
everything that is not love and to remember that we are nothing but LOVE.

Now, don’t take it too seriously, but at the same time let the ideas sink in and see which parts resonate with what you wrote in the previous module about your own world view. So, here goes.
So, this is Jack’s story written in the first person.

Jack’s Story
My application to incarnate had been accepted. I was to show up at the very next Incarnation Orientation meeting to receive my instructions. At last, I would have the opportunity to be human — something I’d been waiting for, seemingly for eons. Now it seemed that all my spiritual study and hard work had paid off.

To my surprise, I was to learn that for every one soul incarnating there would be seven souls remaining on this side. No wonder there were so many souls in the room. An air of great expectancy filled the
space. Because the room was circular, the seating was arranged in a circle so that all those seated could focus their LOVE on the beings standing on the circular platform of light at the center. Angels
stood all around the periphery, singing softly in adoration and praise.

In a moment, one of the beings began calling out the names of those that would form each of the groups of eight souls. Once this was completed, we instantly came together in our groups. To my surprise, it became apparent that we were to vote on which soul out of the eight was to incarnate. As it turned out, I was the one selected.
Once this was decided, the next task was to come together with our incarnation angel to discuss the missions. I stress the plural because of a recent edict that had come down from above to the effect that
incarnating souls would take on a whole lot more in their lifetimes than the souls who had incarnated before them. The reason for this, as it was explained to us, was that the consciousness on planet Earth
had shifted dramatically as a consequence of the Harmonic Convergence.

Apparently, this (TRUE) historic event occurred in the earth year 1987, and it marked a turning point in the evolution of human consciousness. The result has been the acceleration of man’s developing awareness of TRUTH. Therefore, with evolution on fast-forward, incarnating souls are now able to take on many more assignments in one lifetime than ever before.

Our Angel of Incarnation was called Harley. He was an extremely old soul with great wisdom and a deep capacity to LOVE. He was a very senior angel, and I felt very honored that he was going to be the one to prepare me for my incarnation.
“It will look quite easy from up here,” he said. “But once you get down there where the energy is really dense and heavy, it will seem very different. You will feel really heavy, and at times you’ll feel like you are trying to swim through molasses. Life will seem like a huge struggle.

“Whereas here in this world, your soul is limitless, when you enter the World of Humanity as an energy pattern vibrating at the frequency of potential physicality, it will become more bounded in the space-time continuum. And, as you go through the portal, it will have to squeeze itself into a much smaller human version of a soul with several different aspects. Some of these will continue to change throughout your human life while others will remain pretty constant.

“Once established, these factors will form the basic blueprint for your life. However, don’t imagine that everything is set up in advance and that life is just a matter of fate. Or that we up here are controlling or micromanaging what you do down there.
“No, you are given complete free will to create your life as you see fit in the moment. You will be continually referencing your blueprint and acting from there, but exactly how you will do it will definitely be up to you.

Deep down you will know your purpose for being in a human body. Exactly how you will choose to express it, (or choose not to express it, for that is an option, too), will again be up to you. You will know
what lessons you have come in to learn, but how you will create them is definitely for you to decide.”

Well, I had to ask, “But Harley, what about the Divine Plan? Doesn’t the term plan mean that it is something fixed and unalterable? How can it be a plan if every aspect of it is subject to change by each individual soul? That sounds like a recipe for chaos to me.”
“Yes, there is a Divine Plan,” Harley replied, “but it is continually unfolding in every moment, and you are part of that unfoldment. Every action taken by every soul on the planet in every moment changes the Divine Plan for the next moment. Yet nothing gets out of balance. It’s always in perfect alignment with what is called for just then. It all gets worked out in that moment. Everything is always perfect and at every moment expressing the consciousness of God, which of course is LOVE. That, in essence, is the
Divine Plan. LOVE is all there is, and your part in this is simply to know yourself as LOVE.”

“Well, that’s easy,” I interrupted. “I already am LOVE.” “Well, it’s only easy when you are up here,” Harley replied. “Yes, of course, you know that you are LOVE.

But the challenge for you when you become human is that, for at least quite a large chunk of your life, you will not know this at all. All that you know about yourself as a spiritual being will be hidden — buried deep down in the unconscious part of your mind. You will not know who you are.

“However, the objective of the whole exercise is to rediscover it, to remember yourself and the truth of who you really are. At that point, you’ll be able to fully experience yourself as LOVE in a way that is not possible up here.

“You see, Jack, up here we can only know that we are LOVE. Down there, because we have a body with which to feel it, we can really experience ourselves as LOVE. That feeling experience is one of pure
bliss. “And, that’s the fun part of the whole human experience.

When, after experiencing the apparent difficulties inherent in living on the earth plane, you begin to awaken to the fact that it’s all really just an illusion, a trick of the mind and that LOVE is all there is, it will become for you a huge cosmic joke. You will have what is known down there as a ‘breakthrough’ or a ‘realization’ or a ‘transformative experience.’ You won’t be able to stop smiling.”

“But what if I don’t awaken to this truth?” I asked. “What happens next? And, how will I know to awaken at all if I’m unconscious?”

“Well, many don’t awaken,” replied Harley. “And that’s OK. They are still in service to others by co-creating all sorts of situations which, while they stay asleep, enable their co-creators to awaken to the truth. Remember, everything is perfect. They will awaken when the time is right. “Besides your soul team up here, you will have a couple of guides along with you, sitting on your shoulder all the way through, guiding you towards that point of knowing whether or not to awaken. Both of them are aspects of your own soul, but in the process of your shrinking yourself down so as to fit the human
version of the soul, they will become differentiated. They will certainly feel separate from you even while carrying on a conversation with you from within. The first is the one known as your Ego. The second is your Higher Self.”

Harley continued. “I will speak first about the Ego because it’s probably the most fascinating of the two, and certainly, the least understood part of who you will become while in a human body. This aspect of yourself will be very instrumental in creating all the many circumstances of your life that will constitute your learning opportunities.

“We will have very little control over your Ego from up here, except inasmuch as we have had to preprogram it to some extent to take you in certain predetermined directions consistent with your mission. But don’t worry, your Ego is very creative and has a tremendous sense of humor. Combine this with a predilection
for irony and a taste for the absurd, this guide is going to take you where you need to go, even if you have to go kicking and screaming! Its main role, of course, is to completely sell you on the idea that you
are separate not only from every other human and animal species but from the Earth itself and, ultimately, from God.

“This guide will sell you on that long-held and totally ridiculous idea that man made a decision to separate from God and that this decision was his undoing. It will persuade you that this caused God to get very angry. It is through this story that the Ego teaches you fear and guilt; fear that you have incurred the wrath of God and stand a good chance of being sent to Hell forever, and guilt for having committed that ‘original sin.’

“In turn, in order to protect yourself from the fear and the guilt, the Ego teaches you how to repress those feelings and then, in order to get rid of them, to project them onto other people. This sets up a wonderful matrix of relationships between people who are not only in denial about themselves but who are continually projecting onto others and being projected upon. This obviously becomes fertile ground for the creation of many different kinds of learning opportunities. What a genius the Ego is!

“The Ego is also the specialist in helping you to become fully immersed, and committed to believing in all the illusions of the physical world. By that, I mean not only separation but duality, right and wrong, good and bad, pain and suffering and, of course, death.

Giving you a strong fear of death and the concomitant idea of total annihilation through death is the Ego’s master stroke.” “Why would that be?” I asked.

“Well, if everyone knew that death was simply an illusion and that there was absolutely nothing in it to fear, people would keep choosing it just to escape the discomfort of the human experience. That would undermine the whole enterprise – which is, of course, to take on a body and be immersed in the world of separation and the opposite of LOVE so that you can go beyond just knowing that you are LOVE to the full experience of it – emotionally and physically as well as intellectually,”

“If we want to experience ourselves as LOVE, why go to a place where so little of it exists?” I asked. “That’s exactly the point, Jack!” said Harley. “To fully become LOVE, you have to transcend everything that appears not to be LOVE. The human experience will throw at you everything that is not LOVE in order to test your ability to expand into that LOVE and, at the same time expand the mind of God. “So, now I want to talk now about your other guide; the Higher Self. In the human world, there is always an alchemy of opposites so it’s perfectly in alignment with your human reality that there should be two guides who appear to be opposites.

“They will tend to always pull you in different directions. The Ego will pull you away from ONENESS, while the Higher Self will always want to be reminding you of the truth of who you are. But that’s their job. That’s exactly what they are supposed to do for you.

“The Ego and the Higher Self are not, therefore, in competition with each other. They confer all the time and together set things up for you to experience. “From time to time, the Higher Self will lift the veil a little bit – just for a moment or two – to give you a glimpse of spiritual reality. There might be a number of reasons for this, but basically, the Higher Self will do it to jump start a dramatic shift in your awareness — a process we call your awakening.

“But, here’s what you have to understand, Jack. We’ve set it up so that human beings can only experience that reality in a very limited way. We’ve given them five senses that can only work over a very limited frequency range, perceiving only physical realities.

“Viewed through these senses, the physical world looks so real that you can quite understand why human beings would believe that it is real and that there is nothing else. We’ve done a good job in that
regard, but on the other hand, it has made the Higher Self’s job quite difficult. It has all but cut people off from hearing its message at all, no matter how many subtle messages the Higher Self has tried to give.

“Fortunately, human beings are now becoming more sensitive to the Higher Self and are becoming more open to the idea that their Higher Self is communicating all the time and giving them guidance.
That is making things a whole lot easier and it’s speeding up the entire process which, as we shall see, is crucial.

“Now, in the first three or four years of life you will be intimately connected to your Higher Self and, in those tender years, may even be able to remember being here in this World of Spirit. As a young child, you exist quite comfortably in both worlds at the same time.

“But then, as the awareness of this world fades from your consciousness and the veil thickens, the Ego will begin to dominate. Your Higher Self will be in the background observing and guiding where necessary, but it will mostly stay out of the Ego’s way during the time that you are learning how to be completely separate and self-contained. “

“Sounds like a whole lot of fun,” I said looking around at my soul team. “Being briefed to this extent should make it a piece of cake.”
“Except you won’t remember a thing about it,” said Harley.
“Spiritual amnesia is an absolute necessity. If you knew that all your experiences were simply setups, you wouldn’t participate at the required emotional level. You would simply opt out of every one of them. The whole idea is to experience human existence as fully as possible and to go through it in the belief that it is real. That way, when you come back here, your awareness of ONENESS will be magnified many hundreds of times. And, without total amnesia, this magnification would never occur.”

“Then why are you telling me all this, and why do I have to attend all these lessons if I am to forget everything? That makes no sense at all!” I said.

“Your education will come into play as you begin to gradually awaken and remember who you are. When your Higher Self begins to whisper to you, you will draw on these lessons from way down in your unconscious mind. Everything that I am telling you now will be down there, but you will have no awareness
of it — at least until your Higher Self decides that the time is right to enlighten you about it.

“So, now let’s talk about the issue of all this being purposeful in terms of the need for Universal Intelligence to continue expanding its consciousness because it is central to everything.

“You’ve heard of the Big Bang theory, haven’t you?” said Harley. “Humans have spent a long time developing this theory, and to tell you the truth, they are not far off the mark. The only bit they haven’t yet fully understood is, of course, the most important part of the whole thing. And, that is the bit about what was prior to the Big Bang. Because they are so locked into the idea of time and space, they can’t imagine anything coming into being without there being something before. It’s a real problem for them.

“And, as you know from your previous studies, the material universe has continued to grow and expand. Scientists have actually measured the rate at which it is expanding. However, just as the material universe has continued to grow and expand, so has Universal Intelligence. God needs to continue expanding its consciousness in exactly the same way, for it too is part of that same expanding universe.

You will notice that even on Earth, people talk about God as ‘the Universe.’ This is no accident. “Anyway, having unleashed the potential for infinite creativity, Universal Intelligence has created us and all other intelligent life forms so it could continue its expansion. Indeed, that is the only reason Universal Intelligence created us.”
“How so?” I asked. “Since Universal Intelligence could not experience itself as itself, it created us so that it could continue
to experience itself through us in ever expanding ways, in tune with the expanding universe. That is what is meant when we say that God is our Father and we are the son of God.

“Now, here’s where it gets interesting,” said Harley, leaning over to get closer to us as if he was about to share something of great value. “Without us, God is not.” “I don’t get it. What are you saying, Harley?” I said.

“It’s really quite simple. God created us and gave us the ability to go in and out of that world of duality and physicality so it could experience that world vicariously through us. That way Universal Intelligence would continue to expand in tune with the physical universe.

“We are vital to that expansion, Jack. Each and every soul who incarnates and all of those who, like your team here, support that process, is playing a vital role in expanding God’s consciousness. That’s what I mean when I say that without us, God isn’t. Without you, Jack, God isn’t.”

“So, once I take on a human body, I am God in physical form playing in the physical realm. Is that right?”

“Yes,” Harley confirmed. “It is as if the hand of God has put on a glove – and you are that glove. Without the glove, Universal Intelligence could not experience the physical world. What a gift you are to God, Jack.”

“Well, it certainly puts this whole thing into perspective,” I ventured. “Wow, little old me helping to expand the mind of God!”
“Are you clear now why you are doing it and what it’s all about?” said Harley. “Well, let me repeat it for you one more time — just to make sure.
“The basic aim of taking this human journey is to experience the opposite of what we know to be the truth up here – ONENESS and LOVE. Through the experience of those opposites, we can come to
know ONENESS and LOVE more fully and through that awareness move to a whole new level in our spiritual growth and expand even more the consciousness of Universal Intelligence. You will also recall
that the human experience will set you up to be abandoned, rejected, betrayed, terrorized, and even tortured during your earth walk. Those are just some examples of things that will help you fully experience the opposites of LOVE and ONENESS. OK, Jack?”
“Well, I guess it’s OK. Can’t say I’m looking forward to all that though.”

“Hey, don’t imagine that life is only that,” Harley warned. “A great deal of the human experience is totally wonderful and marvelous. There are many wonderful opportunities for people to experience LOVE, bliss, harmony, and peace in every day during their lives. But, while they are experiencing the pain of separation, we like for these experiences to come fairly early in childhood. In this way, we set up a chain of unconsciously self-created repetitions of the same wound over and over again.

“For example, if a child feels it was abandoned in childhood, it will simply replay that same scenario over and over in all subsequent relationships. Similarly, the ideas that the child formed in response to that wound – like ‘I am worthless, undeserving, unlovable, not OK, et cetera,’ will be reinforced over and
over again until it becomes the belief that drives his or her life. They’ll be so much pain attached to that
toxic idea that it will drive some people to alcohol, drugs, or some other addiction that they hope will medicate the pain.

“If everything goes according to plan, this negative belief will create so many blocks in their lives that they will, in the end, be forced to confront it and to heal it. And, it is in the process of doing the healing work that the awakening occurs.

“Here’s the point though: Who better to give you the initial experience of separation than your parents? The very act of being born is an act of separation, and for many people, the birth trauma alone is sufficient to set off the chain reaction. Other souls choose to have their learning experiences a little later, say at five or six, or in the early ‘teen’ years. “Others choose to do it the other way around.

They choose parents who will give them a ‘nice’ upbringing,
so they develop a false sense of security and then BAMM! The wake up call comes when they least expect it.

“Good. Now let’s get on with your preparation for the human life experience. Let’s go get your Divine blueprint,” said Harley. “All the numerology has been coded in along with the astrological data, so it’s all good to go. Then we’ll program each of the chakras in the etheric body field in order to establish the blueprint for the physical body, which will, of course, only manifest the moment you incarnate.”

The story, obviously, goes on from here because it does, in fact, make a whole book. But that’s as far as we are going to go with the story from this point on. And, I hope you found it an interesting way to think about spirituality.
So, we’ll go on now to the next video which is going to be about Soul contracts.