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Module 20. Loving Oneself
Video One: Loving Oneself

Welcome to Module 20, which as you are very much aware means that you have reached the end of the course. Congratulations!
Well, it’s only fitting, I think, to have the final Module in the course be about loving oneself. And, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be one of the shortest videos in the whole course if only you will accept right now that every human being, including you, is a perfect expression of the Divine. And, that since the Divine is perfect
Love — so are you.

Listen, you must have got it by now that our true nature is Love, and the purpose of your soul’s journey is to expand into it and, after the awakening, to have love in your heart for everyone and everything, unconditionally.

It’s at that point that we become the luminaries we talked about in the first and second modules of this course.
The very definition of Love is the acceptance of what is, as is. Surrendering to life as it occurs in the moment is the essence of Radical Forgiveness. And, it’s through Radical Forgiveness that we naturally expand into Love — love for others and love for ourselves.
Thinking that we should TRY to love ourselves means we’re already out of alignment with Spirit. When we can love what is, as is, we shall not be concerned with trying to love ourselves. We shall simply BE Love.

Now, it’s easy to understand why we have so much trouble loving ourselves. After all, think how much self- hatred we put ourselves through during the pre-awakening phase, just to get as many karmic units as possible. Self-hatred is a very painful form of separation. The problem is, it is so deeply embedded in our consciousness that we forget to let go of the false perception that we’re not OK. We continue to use self-destructive self-talk to deny ourselves the compassion, mercy, and grace we are willing to extend to others.

Even when we have awakened, while we see others as divine beings, we withhold that benediction from ourselves by berating ourselves for being not awakened enough, or not spiritual enough to qualify.
Our spiritual challenge then is to accept that we are perfect the way we are, always have been, and always will be. Of course, as spiritual beings living a human life, we will appear as less than perfect. But, from a spiritual point of view, our perfection lies in our very imperfection. Without our seeming imperfections, the
game of life would not function. We are living our destiny exactly as was agreed before our incarnation, which means we are just as worthy of Love and, therefore, our own Love, as anyone else.
But, we are still faced with the question of how do we help clients who have spent years thinking and believing negative thoughts about themselves, feeling worthless, and undeserving of love? It’s no good telling someone who hates themselves that they should love themselves. In fact, it will almost certainly make them feel worse.

In order to be of any real assistance to them, you will need to use a lot of our tools and processes, probably starting out with the 5 Step Process for Transforming Negative Beliefs. Next might come the Embracing My Shadow Worksheet, subsequent to you having shown them the mechanism of projection and the mirroring
principle. You would need to keep reinforcing this method of accepting oneself by reading through the statements many times and discussing each one in depth.

In all likelihood, there is going to be a need for them to forgive a lot of people, so the Radical Forgiveness Worksheets, both the pdf and online versions, are going to feature a lot in this process. After all, someone shamed them into thinking they were not OK or did things to them that made them feel so unlovable.

The repressed anger towards those people that lurks beneath the feelings of worthlessness needs to felt and expressed as part of the forgiveness process before they can find love for themselves. Nine times out of ten, it will be their parents who undermined their sense of self which is why I would suggest that they do the online 21-Day Program for Forgiving Parents.

Now, most parents don’t set out to undermine their kids, but let’s face it, that kind of thing happens all the time. Perfectionism is one of those things that parents pass on to their kids, forever urging them to be better
— implying of course, that they are not OK as they are.
You will also have the Radical Self-Empowerment worksheets and the online versions to offer, as well as the online program for Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance, and the Who the **Bleep** Am I? program. So, there’s plenty for you to work with once you have developed a treatment plan with your client and got their
commitment to work with you for a number of sessions. It’s going to take some work, so it’s no good thinking it can be achieved in just one or two sessions. I would say more like ten.
Having said all that, you will not have the kind of success with a client as you would like if you have yet to find love for yourself. As a Radical Living Master Coach, and most certainly if you aspire to be a luminary, you need to get really comfortable with who you are and able to love yourself no matter what — most of the time, anyway.
You may well have work to do in this area yet, especially in the beginning where you are bound to have moments when you will doubt yourself and feel that you’re not good enough, or that you never seem to do it right. If you are a perfectionist, this will certainly be a challenge for you. As mentioned already, coming to
love yourself is not an easy process for we have been conditioned to expect more of ourselves than it is possible to be.

This is why it is so important that you have your own coach. Someone you can turn to and share your doubts and fears, as well as work on yourself in other ways, especially in the early days when you are just feeling your way as a Radical Living Master Coach.
You have the tools as well to keep you moving in the right direction, but there is another way that you can practice developing love for yourself, and that is — love others as enthusiastically as you can.

It is often said that you cannot love others if you haven’t first found Love for yourself first. I disagree. When you focus on giving love to others, it is impossible not to feel good about yourself. It is heart-warming to give Love, and it is your heart which is warmed as well as the heart of the beloved.

When you love others, the Love is mirrored back to you immediately and in equal measure. You can’t avoid it because if you love someone, your heart is already open. Giving and receiving are the same.

So, if you want to develop real Love for yourself, start by seeing the perfection in everyone around you, and let that perfection shine the light on your own unique divine essence.

So here we are back to where we started with this video. That you are part of the divine essence which is Love, which means that you are Love. You just have to remember that.

Here is a poem by Neil Rogan, I believe, that really brings it home.
In the beginning you knew. Then you pretended to forget.
Then you pretended to forget that you forgot. Then you forgot that you pretended.

You can’t pretend anymore
That you forgot.
You’ve remembered
What you always knew.
Cherish the Awakening
And share your gift
With someone
Who still pretends
To Forget.

Having reached this far means that you have completed all requirements for certification as a Radical Living Master Coach. Congratulations! You made it!

So, all that is left now is to send us your report on the 10-Day class. The instructions on how to do that are below. You will then be fully certified.

Then begin sharing Radical Forgiveness with as many people as you can from a space of Love for yourself as well as for those you touch. And, please, please, please never say to yourself, “I’m not good
enough yet.” You are ready now, and Spirit will support you, I guarantee. And, we at the Institute have total faith in you.

So once, again, congratulations, good luck, and Namaste.