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Module 15. Marketing Matters
Video One: Magnetic Marketing – A Plan for Success

Welcome to Module 15 which is all about creating your long-term success as a Radical Living Master Coach. And what that means, of course, is building a successful business being a Radical Living Master Coach. And the key to that is, of course, good marketing.
I know; Yuk! Yes, but there’s no getting around this one. Whereas someone having only done the 90-day course to become a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach can choose not to do it as a business and do the work more or less as a hobby, I don’t think you can hold yourself out as a Radical Living Master Coach if you are not seen to be doing the work on a truly professional basis — even if you are doing it somewhat less than full time.

In this regard, let me remind you of what we agreed in the very first module of this training about what it means to be a master:
To have mastery of any craft, art, skill, or subject means to have achieved a level of competence in that area that few people have ever attained, or will attain. A master has earned the right to become
an undisputed and widely recognized authority on that subject. He or she is recognized as a gifted teacher of it, if not THE teacher of it. It is an honor to be called a Master. It is an exalted position to
hold and garners respect from virtually everyone. Clearly then, this is not a word we use lightly or apply it to ourselves without having earned the legitimate right to do so.

Clearly then, being a master coach means that you have not only completed a basic training in the work but that you are committed to continuing to hone your skill and develop your mastery through regular and ongoing practice. You don’t become a master of anything without you doing whatever it is you do over and
over again until it becomes second nature.

Our problem is, however, that whereas a master potter needs only clay to practice with, we can only do our work if we have clients on which to practice. And, as much of us in the healing arts hate this aspect of our work, we have no choice but to do what it takes to get clients. And that means marketing ourselves and building a viable practice that supports us financially and in every other way.

I know a lot of healers, coaches, and alternative wellness practitioners who do fantastic work in their chosen modalities and all of them are wonderful people. And yet hardly any of them have a clue when it comes to marketing themselves. Many of them don’t make enough money to come even close to living reasonably well on what they do, and to me that is sad. That’s not what I want for you.
That’s why I am addressing this topic here in this training program. I don’t want you to be out there just scraping by, not doing much business and feeling despondent. I cannot give you a full-fledged course in marketing, but I can at least offer you some pointers about a rather special kind of marketing which is a fit for people like us doing what we do. You can flesh out in a way that suits your own circumstances, of course, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

However, if you do hire someone, show them this plan and get them to follow it. It is all too easy to spend a small fortune on so-called marketing experts and end up with little in the way of results. Keep control of the process even if you hire someone.

Of course, if you’re doing great already getting all the business you can handle and making a decent living at it, keep doing what you’re doing and good luck to you. You don’t need this. But if you are at the beginning, you definitely need it.

Part of the reason for people in the healing arts not paying much attention to marketing and building a viable business is that being of a spiritual mindset, many of them are genetically wired to feel less than comfortable about selling themselves. They feel ambivalent about accepting money in exchange for what they do.

I carried this feeling for a long time myself. When doing spiritual work, we sort of feel that our gift is given by Spirit and is therefore not for sale in the normal sense in which we use that term in the commercial world.

Since it is a ‘God thing’ we feel we must step back from selling and rely on the idea that people will be sent by divine providence.
This reticence — no, less call it what it is — this fear may come from having been burned at the stake or had our heads chopped off in one or more past lives for doing healing work.

Even if it is a ‘God thing’ and that divine providence will bring us the clients we want, it is nevertheless a two- way street. We must be willing to push through our fear and play our part in the process. We need to be open to allowing that divine guidance to find its way into us, as well as the potential client who is searching for
what we provide. Our energy needs to be open and spacious enough to receive the gift. We have to create a space within ourselves within which spirit can work.

Anyway, our approach to marketing is not about selling, so you can relax. It’s simply about how to use energy to attract clients to you. Hence the term magnetic marketing. The idea is to magnetize people, so they simply show up wanting to give you money in exchange for the value you provide.

The old style of ‘in your face’ selling used only male energy. This doesn’t work anymore. Too much energy is expended by forcing, pushing, persuading, and being all about action and short-term goals, with little thought about creating relationships.
In our society today, women are coming ever closer to being treated as equals to men, so the good news is that marketing methods are shifting and gradually becoming more holistic and balanced, with equal masculine and feminine energies working together. Giving and receiving in equal measure.

While masculine energy (YANG) is hard, pushy, and goal oriented, feminine energy is receptive, magnetic, attracting, and nurturing.
In the new emerging spiritual environment in which we play, and given the nature of our work, it is especially true that we should use feminine energy to attract clients. We don’t have to ‘sell’ anymore.

If, as a Radical Living Master Coach dedicated to giving good service and making a difference, you use feminine energy, people will be attracted to you because of who you are and how you do what you do. When they’re in your energy, they will feel nourished.
However, that doesn’t mean you hide in the back of some New Age bookstore behind a curtain just hoping someone will happen to discover you while you meditate quietly to yourself. Some male energy is required.

Remember, it is all about balance. You have to DO stuff as well as BE. But the stuff that you do will reflect your state of being and the way that you see the world. This is what we’ve been trying to emphasize in this training. That is what people will pick up on and will be compelled to move in your direction as a result. Remember, this is what being a luminary is all about. Remember that?
OK, so I promised to give you some pointers to help you market yourself in a good way, so I am presenting these as a number of steps that you need to take that in sum will form an outline marketing plan for you. And by the way, to keep it simple, I am writing this assuming you have little or no expertise in marketing. OK?

The Steps are as follows:
1. Begin with you — what is your vision for your life?
2. What is your vision for your business?
3. Creating a vision statement for your business.
4. Identifying your ideal client and ideal niche(s)
5. Developing a brand and a positioning.
6. How to attract clients.
7. How to communicate with your clients.
8. Writing copy the sells.

See you in the next module.