Module 1 – Lesson 1: What Is It to Be a Master?

Module 1: Being a Radical Living Master Coach

Video One: What Is It to Be a Master?

Welcome to the first video of the very first module of the whole training program. We trust you are as excited as we are about starting out on this journey of personal growth and transformation.

We start out the whole module with the question, “What is a Radical Living Master Coach?” And, then in this video, we look at what being a master of anything implies.

Now, you may be thinking, “Hey, we did this in the first Module of the Radical Forgiveness course. Are we simply going to go over the same ground again?” No, not at all. Our intention here in this first video of Module #1 is to go in and flesh the question out a little bit, especially insofar as it pertains to you becoming a Radical Living Master Coach.

That said, we do think it would be a good idea for you to go back and refer to your notes or the transcripts of the videos to remind yourself what we agreed were the basics of doing this kind of coaching.

So, now let’s look a little bit deeper into what it means to be Radical Living Master Coach. And since we use the word ‘master’ in our title, let’s look at it to see if we are actually entitled to use that term and still be in integrity.

What then does it mean to be a master — of anything?

Well, to have mastery of any craft, art, skill, or subject means to have achieved a level of competence in that area that few people have ever attained or will attain.

A master has earned the right to become an undisputed and widely recognized authority on that subject. He or she is recognized as a gifted teacher of it, if not THE teacher of it. It is an honor to be called a master.

It is an exalted position to hold and garners respect from virtually everyone. Clearly then, this is not a word we use lightly or apply it to ourselves without having earned the legitimate right to do so, and without tempering it with a lot of humility. We also need to be very clear about exactly what we have mastery of.

We have to admit that, initially, we had some worries about using the word master in the designation to be given to someone we were aiming to certify. We really have a problem with our tendency to dumb down the meaning of words, so we didn’t want to be guilty of contributing to that travesty So, we set about defining exactly what kind of mastery the graduates would have, not at the end of the course exactly, but after having applied what they had learned in the course in the real world and gained sufficient experience over time in practicing the skills involved. So, this is what we came to and hope you will feel comfortable claiming it for yourself very soon.

  • The first level of mastery we see you developing over time is mastery over the theory and practice of Radical Forgiveness, and everything derived from it that characterizes Radical Living. Your mastery will be defined as being so grounded in the philosophy of Radical Forgiveness that it will be second nature to you. You will wear it like a suit of clothes. You will mediate all your life experiences through the lens of all four Radical Living Strategies and exemplify it in your being. That shall be the foundation of your mastery, and this course will provide that foundation for you.


  • Secondly, our vision is that you will, in time, gain mastery as a teacher of the Radical Living philosophy, the method, and the technology and, through your teaching, become a master healer.

Now, even though we have defined your mastery quite narrowly, it does weigh heavily on you to bring two things to the table: First, a high aspiration to achieve this level of mastery. And second, to have enough self-respect and humility to realize that it is a high bar and that it may be while before you can really own that mastery for yourself, even though you will carry that designation on your certificate and will be justifiably proud to use it the minute you graduate from this program.

Having this level of mastery of the work has another dimension to it that marks the difference between being a Radical Forgiveness Coach and a Radical Living Master Coach.

We’re referring here to the notion we have mentioned elsewhere already, that not only will you be helping people heal their lives and move forward with their lives, but that by virtue of the mastery you will possess, you will be what we call a luminary or ‘way-shower’ (showing the way).

We’re going to go into this concept more in Module 2, but basically what it means is that you will have an effect on people just by being in their presence. Not that a Radical Forgiveness Coach wouldn’t have this quality simply by virtue of their natural way of being, but in this course, it is something we aspire to actively develop
in you.

We’re sure you have heard how Indian Gurus have this effect, not just on individuals in their presence but on huge crowds of people. Now, we are not saying you will have this kind of power. Of course not. But as you raise your vibration by doing this work you will have a similar effect on people. There’s no doubt about that. It is something that comes with having the kind of mastery that we have been talking about.

Another thing you need to own as a master is your worth. That what you are going to have to give to others has real value, and that you deserve to be well compensated for what you have to give. In our society, the principal way we quantify value in an objective way (that is well understood by most people) is through the medium of money.

 Now, we realize that this is the bit that many of the kind of people we attract to the training don’t like. And the more spiritual they are, the more they resist the idea of charging what they are truly worth. This is why we make a point of dealing with the myths about money in Module 13. You have to get over this.

While it is true that big name gurus survive or even get extremely rich on large donations from their disciples, this is not a business model that will work for you. You have to think of yourself as a business person. It is highly unlikely that anyone is going to give you, as a Radical Living Master Coach, a job. You have no choice other than to be an entrepreneur, whether you do it full-time or part-time. You will have something to sell that people most definitely need and they will be more than willing to pay you for it. Somehow you must bring those two things together. But first, you must believe that you can truly deliver real value. And we are here to tell you that having already certified as a Radical Forgiveness Coach in Level 1 and will soon be certified as a Radical Living Master Coach in this, Level 2, that you will be able to deliver
amazing value. And people will line up to pay you well for it.

So, you do need to put together a good business plan and develop a marketing strategy that will bring clients to you. We do spend some time in Module 13 on this topic. If it is not your bag, hire someone to do it for you (and ask us about our Business Masterclass for Coaches).

Finally, we hope we don’t need to remind you that one key element in your maintaining mastery over the process of teaching Radical Living is your ability to stay with the three questions that you need always to have in your mind whenever you work with a client.

And these are:

1. What is perfect about what is happening to this person?

2. How is the perfection revealing itself?

3. How can I get the person to see the perfection in the situation?

The alternative, and what your client will be assuming is, as you know, the medical model:

  1. What’s wrong?
  2. How did you get this way?
  3. How can I fix you?

Just be careful not to slide back into that mindset.

OK, that’s it for the first video. In the next video, we want to introduce the idea that there is a definite link between happiness and Radical Living. So, we’ll see you then.