The Soul’s Journey Model

Observing people in our workshops over the years, we discovered that a very high proportion of them can identify patterns in their lives whereby they had created the same drama over and over with different people and under similar circumstances. In the Radical Relationship Quiz you did earlier, you may have discovered one or more patterns in your own life.

I created the first video for the book, Expanding into Love, as an extended resource for the readers that gave a couple of differing explanations why such patterns occur and the sense in which we need to see that they have value. It is important that you understand how the two explanations, or models, evolved and how they each give meaning to the title of this program, Expanding in Love. The information it gives, though, is still relevant and useful and does not depend on your having read the book – though if you have already, that is helpful, of course. The page references in the video are for the paperback book. You can find these on pages 5 of that book, or 12 of the eBook.

The next video is a lecture over a few Powerpoint slides. That way I spare you the agony of having to watch me appearing personally on screen yet again. (It’s OK. I love myself really!) And, by the way, this one does not depend on you having read the book first.

So go ahead and watch the two videos so you see how the second model evolved and took care of a flaw that was inherent in the first.

Since I ad-lib the audio in the first video, I cannot provide a script of what I said, but for those who like to read as well as hear the words, there is one provided for the second video.