The 13 Steps to Radical Grieving

As you know, this is basically an audio worksheet that takes you through the five stages all in about 10 minutes. All you have to do is listen and answer “Yes” to every question.

Of course, it wouldn’t mean much to you if you hadn’t been exposed to the concepts beforehand, which is why we have introduced it at this point in the program. It will have a lot of meaning to you now, though, mainly to your Spiritual Intelligence of course.

The idea is to use it like an emergency top-up. Every time you feel the sorrow arising in you and you go back to focusing on some of the thoughts that caused your suffering, you listen to the 13 Steps to Radical Grieving to bring you back to where you were before those thoughts entered your mind. Each time you listen to this, you will get a little closer to Stage 5, Acceptance.

So, use it often and notice the difference it makes. You will be surprised.

13-Steps to Radical Grieving
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